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6/16/2006 8:07 am
All Good Fun

Hi, we are Paul & Sarah, a happily married couple with a good sex life. We decided things needed spicing up, this unplanned surprise followed...

It all started in March last year, we discussed the possibility of inviting another man to join us so we set up a few ads & got some great replies. Sarah got really turned on reading through them but in the end got cold feet so the whole idea was forgotten about, until one summer evening.

We went out for a drink, it was a warm evening, Sarah was wearing a pretty white camisole top, a long pale blue button up skirt & high heeled white sandals. We choose to go to a hotel in our local town which overlooks the river, we sat in the bar & after a couple of beers I went off to the toilet leaving Sarah in the bar. As I returned another man was walking away from where Sarah was sitting & she was looking rather hot & flustered, I asked Sarah what was wrong & she told me the man (Mark) had just very suggestively propositioned her, when I asked her if she was interested, she looked over to the bar where he was standing & rather nervously & excited said "Yes".

I went over to the bar to get some drinks & introduced myself to Mark & asked him if he would like to join us, the look of disbelief & excitement in his face was a picture, we both went back to the table & sat down, myself next to Sarah & Mark opposite, Mark was dressed the same as myself, smart casual, we made small talk & Mark told us he had been staying at the hotel for a business conference which had finished but he was unable to get a train until the following day so was left on his own.

During the conversation Sarah went off to the toilet & when she returned had undone quite a few buttons of her skirt & over the next few minutes uncrossed & crossed her legs a few times until she was showing a lot of leg which Mark seemed to be admiring, he then invited us to join him for a meal, no strings & it was on company expenses anyway.

The three of us went through to the restaurant, Mark & Sarah sat on one side of the table & I sat the other. During the meal Mark "accidentally" brushed Sarah's breasts a few times with the back of his hand, although she has small breasts she has large sensitive nipples which were by now very clearly visible through her bra-less thin cotton top, I also found out later Mark had been stroking her inner thigh throughout the meal. He then asked us if we would like to go for a 'nightcap' in his room, I think Sarah had replied before he finished the sentence.

In the lift on the way up to Mark's room he kissed Sarah on the cheek & ran one hand down her back to stroke her bottom whilst the other gently cupped one of her breasts. Once in Mark's room I sat in an armchair & watched as Mark pulled Sarah close to him & they started kissing passionately, their tongues exploring each others mouths.

Marks hands were kneading Sarahs buttocks, he then moved his hands to the front & unbuttoned her skirt allowing it to fall to the floor exposing her skimpy white cotton panties which were soaking wet, he then removed her top to reveal her perky little breasts, he proceeded to pinch & bite her nipples whilst his right hand rubbed her pussy through the thin cotton, by now I had my cock in my hand slowly playing with myself, I watched as his hand slid into the waistband of Sarahs panties & she gasped as his fingers found her clit.

He pushed her back onto the bed and quickly stripped down to his tight white boxers before kneeling at the edge of the bed & slowly removing Sarahs knickers to expose her smooth shaven pussy, Mark then leant forward & licked & sucked & fucked Sarah with his tongue, watching her get so much pleasure was to much for me & I pushed my cock into Sarahs mouth & exploded with the best orgasm of my life.

Sarah then told Mark to stand up, she sat on the edge of the bed & stroked the large bulge in the front of his boxers, with both hands she removed them & his cock sprang out, about 8" & thick, she cupped his balls in one hand & with the other peeled back his foreskin & fed his large cock into her eager mouth, after a few minutes Sarah lay back on the bed with her legs spread wide while Mark guided his cock into her dripping pussy, slowly inch by inch all the way up to his balls, he started fucking her mythically slowly at first, gradually getting faster, Sarah screaming in ecstasy until he unloaded his hot cum deep into my lovely wifes cunt.

When they finally parted I moved over to Sarah & placed my head between her parted legs & eagerly lapped at her pussy, swallowing hers & Marks juices, once I had brought Sarah to another orgasm I looked to over to see Mark laying beside us slowly bringing his cock back to life. Sarah was ready for some more attention so I knelt behind her while she was on all fours & fucked her hard & fast while she sucked Marks cock until we both shot our loads into her again, we all lay exhausted & drifted off to sleep.

In the morning I woke early & went to take a long shower, on my return I was greeted by the sight of Sarah straddling Marks cock, I walked up behind her & took her breasts in my hands & let one slide down to her clit while she continued to bounce up & down until Mark emptied his cum into Sarah once more.

After they had showered we exchanged emails & telephone numbers & said our farewells. We met up again around Christmas but that's another story & we're planning to meet again this summer hopefully with Mark's wife as well.

Paul & Sarah.

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