Do Nice (Married) guys & gals finish last?  

rm_schoolmann 55M
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8/29/2006 6:40 am

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9/18/2007 8:45 pm

Do Nice (Married) guys & gals finish last?

Yes I am married. Curious about sex, searching the net, looking at the MILF sites, I finally landed on the AdultFriendFinder site. Love life at home was dull, uneventful, and regimented. Honestly, I was missing the touch and intimacy of our relationship. In 18 years of marriage I strayed once long ago for a blow job (she wouldn't do this) and that was not the thrill I thought it would be. Was I smart enough to talk about this with my wife? NO. I joined AdultFriendFinder and obviously had little response on here, however I was honest, I didn't hide the fact I was married.

I became aware of the ratio of men to women here, but still thought I was at the right location. After all, that’s what AdultFriendFinder advertises you will find, as well as other similar sites, they have to, they are marketing to make money, not relationships.
Unhappy with my lack of responses, I took the initiative to post a question, the one posted in this blogs title. Not being net, or site savvy I didn't know I could be made aware of answers posted to this question. I found out to late that we have not lost our true life moral values.

Single and married, men and women, here suggested to save the marriage.
I was amazed with the responses and advice to go back to my marriage. To date again, talk, find together what we lost. Not look here. The suggestions given and the criticisms said were refreshing. Sadly, I checked my responses to late, we are now separated and on the fast track to divorce. I did not have any physical encounters with anyone. Yes, I did chat with some nice attractive women. I was amazed at how easily I was able to talk openly about sex, life, desires, and fantasies. These conversations were not vulgar or rude. In fact honest and sincere. WOW, this I wasn't expecting! If only my wife and I could have talked this way. I still do not know her thoughts on almost everything I discussed here with other women. How said is that! And now will probably y never know.
Bottom line, almost all responses were to go to my wife with my interest, not the net. Life is an education. Take a fools advice, go back to your mate. Get if from home. It will mean more last longer and blossom. It sounds harder to do than hook up here, but it will be worth it. Drop a line, or pass this on.

Single Now,

rm_sweetbeav35 58F
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8/29/2006 7:13 pm

I too, have been married quite some time, but tomorrow is a pre-trial hearing on my divorce. I had to file--because he wouldn't--so I guess that makes me the bad guy. I had to think long and hard about "saving the marriage". I was so unhappy, and after finding out that he had a "friend" who works with him, I knew things would never be the same. Time to move on---things happen for a reason and there is a better person out there for you---one that you were meant to be with--a soulmate---someone you can share every thought with.

rm_lovelypeach3 51F

8/29/2006 8:23 pm

I'm sorry you are going thru such a confusing and difficult time. Sweetbeav is right, sometimes the person you are married to just doesn't even know your hopes and dreams. Yes, alot of times people are told to try to work it out because you have invested so much of yourself and tried to build something. I also know that some spouses just don't care to fulfill their partners needs so some people turn to this site and others. There is a better mate for you out there and you have to ask for it from that person. Take it slow and use some time to learn what your needs are. And you won't believe how close and wonderful that feels when you have someone you can share every thought with. That's what love feels like.

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