Cold today :) by Sabrina  

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4/6/2006 5:20 pm

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11/2/2006 9:19 pm

Cold today :) by Sabrina

Its really cold today I thought as I looked outside at the ice covered ground, good thing when its this cold the whole town shuts down. I blew a little steam from my mouth on the cold window just to see my warm breath and thought how happy I would be that you wont be going to work today. I looked over at you laying in bed with the sheets half torn from your body and drapping the floor. smiling so sweetly, I let down my nice soft sweet smelling hair and slipped the cute little nighty you had bought me off, still not really sure why you bought it, its on the floor in my house more than it is on, especially with you comming around. Slowly as the gown hits the floor I lower to my knees and slowly crawl towards the bed, I guess I was hoping that if you had woke up it would look really sexy my ass bare naked in the air and my sweet breasts brushing the floor as my nipples purged with excitement with every brush. As I got closer, the more excited I got and once I was at the bed I could hardly contain myself. What a nice surprise it was to see your cock pulsating and hard like it knew I was comming and was ready for me even if you were not quite awake. Quietly i crawled up the end of the bed and the way you were laying you legs parted and your cock in the air it would be so easy to just take you how I wanted you. However the sheet was covering your cock and that would be the first thing I would have to remove. Oh but wait I had a second thought, after the night before where you had strapped me down and ravaged my body when would I get such a sweeter revenge than now I thought!! you sleep so soundly I was able to strap you down and just as I got the last one on your eyes drifted open in a hazy half awake stare and as if you were totally baffled I was able to strap you up with out you even noticing..I smiled my most brightest smile, and again replied as I had before have I been bad? Or have you? and your eyes rolled back as if you thought it was a joke and I was going to release you but wrong again!! I lowered my naked body straddled over your nice torso and just sat there facing your cock, with my ass right in your face, you could smell the wetness and wanted so badly for me to put it in your mouth but I relucted to do so, to you it was just torture. I ran my fingers over your enlarged cock and wet it with my mouth. My ass, and pussy nearly touching your face you kept edging your head as close as you can get to it, but still can not quite reach, its a good thing you are so tall or I might not be able to have pulled it off. Being bent nearly in half I am sucking your cock, my hands being used for levereage on your thighs I keep the whole cock in my mouth and run my thick lips down the shaft to the bottom and suck it back up, on the inside of my mouth I am moving my tongue all over your cock, and you can hardly take it much more. Baby you cant do this to me you kept saying, I could hear the frustration building in your voice, You have to let me touch you, something anything, I HAVE to feel you, you grunted. For whatever reason it really aroused me more to see you this way, I reached for the nice little toy we used the night before and turned around so my pussy was facing you, and spread my legs wide open so you could see exactly what I was doing, still sitting on your nice hard stomach... as I let the vibrations tingle on the outside of my labia I began to squirm a little more with delight at the look on your face urging me to let you go. I played with the hood of my pussy, in and out toyed with my sweet wet pussy. The slow vibrations are not near enough I must turn the speed on higher, as I fuck myself rolling my hips on your body, you can feel my body quiver with all the excitement of what I am doing, and can barely take much more, without trying to you let out a word you rarely used before.. Plllease, baby please let me in, let me in I have to have me in you. I smiled and looked right at you, and said no need to beg for me I could hardly hold out much longer, I need you in me...
As much of a bad Idea I knew it was I had to unstrap you.. and theminute you were free, you looked at me and laughed and gave me this look like I needed to be hiding somewhere, I acted as if I was going to run my ass facing you and my hand eagerly trying to help me escape, you grabbed my hips and pulled my ass till it was just touching your hard cock, and leaned down to whisper in my ear, as your warm breath slowly blew out the words on my neck I could hardly make out what you were saying, and then it all came , you said your mine now, and where did you think you were going.. oh you have been bad.. sooo bad. I knew at that moment things were going to be very intense. I grabbed the cheeks of my ass, as if they were putty and slapped it down on your hard cock, good and hard you pulled me on to you, my ass cheeks were not pink I am sure they were red, and my pussy squirted out juices everywhere. As if you were a wild animal you went deeper and harder than you ever had before you thrusted me to the bone and pulled my ass down, finally after a long few minutes of this you pushed my back and made me fall down towards the bed laying flat on my stomach you released my from your cock, empy and yearning for more, and I said good I am glad your done I was tired.. with a smirk on my face. I knew that would definately get your blood boiling all over again. I never say I am tired, you think that means please dont stop or something, and that is exactly what I was hoping you would think. You grabbed my hair with out saying a word and pulled it so I would go where you wanted me and pushed my face right down to your cock, making me take every inch to the very back of my throat, I sucked it hard and fast and patted it on my face until you again wanted to be in my tight gripping pussy. Get up you said in a sturdy voice, and layed down on the bed, knowing one of my favorite positions to be was on top, "get on" you said with a smile. I gladly accepted, I lowered my self down on your nice fat cock up and down until it was dripping wet. Then I came all the way down till I was flat skin to skin, you all the way inside me, my ass rubbing your balls, nice and smooth. I rocked my hips back and forth making my pussy pop with every movement back and forth tilll I couldnt go slow anymore, I started rocking faster and popping itmore and more, you loved this, you always love it when I do this, I began to ride you so fast I had one of my most intese orgasms ever to the point I couldnt move and you and to take control and keep thrusting in me, I lean fprward a bit and squirt my pussy juices all over you, you cant help but be more turned on by it, you fuck me to the point where you are ready to cum. you pull out from under me and come up to your knees and pull your cock to my mouth , I took it in and sucked it hard and fast, then moving my mouth over it while you shot your sweet cum in my mouth. Swallowing every drop. I fall back on the bed and smile ohhh how amazing!!~!

spacecadet561 59M

4/6/2006 6:27 pm

It may be cold outside, but inside was HOT. Lucky guy you've got there.


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4/6/2006 7:25 pm

Very intense!!! I would love to wake up to that every day.

rm_jenny1372 48F
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4/12/2006 6:50 am

Oh god i think i have found someone to have fun with

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