IS there any guys out there that do like?  

rm_sassy14eva 38F
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10/18/2005 9:52 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

IS there any guys out there that do like?

Is there any guys out there that do like big women?

rm_tallntough24 35M

10/18/2005 10:49 pm

I love big women, i find it very sexy but size and or age doesnt matter to me. Other men love big women too, i know of quite a few people that are dating. To me its the personality that matters and thats no line of bull. But then again nice guys like me might be single forever.

rm_jrock4265 33M
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10/18/2005 10:56 pm

i like big women

AtomicArtist0 45M
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10/18/2005 11:33 pm

they say a big girl wears hers sins on her flesh for all to see. She is ample, shapely, Reubenesque, and presumed that she craves an overabundance of sensious, earthly, warmth, sex, love, material comforts. If thats true, then sin all you want...there are plenty of men willing to sin right along with them. We're out will find yours.

00950053 33M

10/18/2005 11:36 pm

My dear, there are millions of men who enjoy the company of big women as you say, who are interested in everything that they have... extra. There is a chat room specifically catering to BBW lovers. You should check it out... maybe you could find what you are looking for there.

Valdrane78 38M

10/18/2005 11:52 pm

Me, I love it. BBW all the way, a full figure. It is a complete turnoff for a woman to be so skinny you can see her skeleton outline, nasty. I love a woman with some meat on her bones, now THAT is sexy!

BANG! POW! BOOM! a study in useless knowledge and sick humor!
I want a damn soundtrack to my blog!

rm_sassy14eva 38F

10/19/2005 11:16 pm

Wow that answers my question lol very nice now if i could find someone close to me that feels the same as you all do I would be one happy woman.Tallntough i find you very attractive an you shouldnt have any problems finding what you are after you are a very kind sweet sexy man .Is that so atomicartist lol never heard that before but you are right.**oo9 thanks for the info i might just do that thanks so much .and last but not least lol valdrane that is very nice I agree with you if i was wanting to be with a woman i would want a big woman like my self too because the skinny girls well they just dont turn me on at all.any how i thank you all very much for replying to my post and for the help and i wish you all the best of luck and happiness at finding your true love and happiness or what ever it may be your after again thanks and good luck

rm_bacatodie 71M

10/20/2005 5:40 am

Hi there, I like big women and find that I mostly date larger women. Age is no barrier. Young or old. Age is just a number as far as sex is concerned. I ws told once by a large lady friend that god made us ladies big but our pussies small and I believe every word that she said. I'M IN BRASSTOWN AND WOULD LOVE TO SHOW YOU HOW i MAKE LOVE TO A LARGE LADY.

rm_GaTransplant 58M
2 posts
11/17/2005 7:34 pm

Hey sassy, I'm in Athens, close to you, and enjoy BBW. I have found size and age are just numbers that interest others, neither one have anything to do with the satisfaction two people can bring each other. Holler back at me if you want to chat more or if you need another way to get in touch with me. Hope to hear from you soon!!

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