The rise (pardon the pun) of the Bi-sexual male  

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6/9/2006 4:20 pm

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The rise (pardon the pun) of the Bi-sexual male

Even though I have a straight 4.0 GPA in psychology at the University of Maryland I do not practice psychology for a living. I prefer things more artistic but psychology is still an area of interest as it is woven throughout day to day life and human interaction. History indicates that male/male relationships have gone on for as long as we have been actively recoding the human experience.

There are biblical accounts of male/male interactions. Then again the bible is full of erotic passages if one takes the time to read in depth. Many cultures attempted to maintain a certain level of segregation between the sexes for various reasons. The nation state of Sparta is a prime example. Women there actually had great power, however segregation existed to foster the combat training of the males. Rome had a certain degree of segregation too. There, however, women were relegated to a lesser status than men. The entertainment of Rome, gladiators, existed in an exclusively male environment and had young men and boys for companions. In all the above cases the level of sexual involvement between the men can only be guessed at but certainly it had to have occurred.

For much of recorded history things of a sexual nature were deemed as inappropriate for public discourse or record. Eroticism existed but is very difficult to find. It wasn't until the turn of the last century and the advent of film and motion pictures that a handy recored of things erotic began to surface in quantity. While in public people maintained an above board attitude and relationship the films proved that behind closed doors they were a sexually adventurous and inventive lot! Still the vast majority of sex preserved on film is normal man/woman stuff since that was the norm of the time and worked well for everyone.

The rise of the Bi-sexual male we know today had it's roots tied to the rise of the modern militant feminist movement which started around the middle 70's right after the "free love" era ended. Women were told that they didn't need men in their lives and didn't have to live as "second class" citizens. They were told that to be fully actualized they had to compete toe to toe in the male dominated world and that their careers came first. Home and family be damned. As a result a significant number of females were effectively taken "off the market" and that generated a larger imbalance between the number of men looking for a female partner and the number of females available. Two logical results occurred. More women were having sex with other women and more men were forced to seek sexual relief with other men. I do acknowledge that both such pairings had been going on forever but in lesser numbers prior to that point.

With the rise of the "gay rights" movement things which had, prior to that point, been strictly behind closed doors matters now were being exposed to the world at large. Public schools started teaching that all views had to be respected and that being gay or having sex with someone of your own gender was perfectly okay. The seeds of permissiveness for all thing sexual were sewn and the mind set gradually evolved from there. In reality all that happened for the school kids was that adults were giving them permission to do what they had been doing, behind closed doors, all along. Children do play and explore sexually at all possible levels. They play with themselves, they play with others of their gender and they engage in various sexual practices with members of the opposite sex. Mostly this is couple type behavior but group interactions are not uncommon. I personally engaged in every sort of sexual adventure possible before I even got to high school. The adventures just got more creative there.

In the world of today sexual relations between men is still something of a taboo so far a public displays go. For some reason sex between two women has never really had any sort of genuine social stigma attached to it. Certainly we men don't mind watching. But sex between consenting men, behind closed doors, is increasing and even becoming the main sexual outlet for many men today. Some of that is out of the assumed permission of part of society. It's okay to be "curious" today and want to experiment to satisfy that urge as an adult. In reality it's more like an extension of the sexual explorations of grade and high school.

Todays woman still plays a significant role in encouraging bi-sexual men. I've conducted some research in my time on AdultFriendFinder and the numbers genuinely support men having sex with men. If for no other reason than to just have some sexual release of some kind. Even if one honestly reads a woman's ad and evaluates it VS an equally honest assessment of ones ability to meet her expectations PRIOR to making contact with her, the odds on a favorable reply that leads to sex of some kind at on the order of about 600 to 1. I'm sure women don't consider that since they are the ones with the keys to the treasure chest. What would happen to the ego of the average woman if she had to contact an average of 600 men before just 1 agreed to even meet her? The word crushed comes to mind. For men that's an every day, day in and day out reality. Rejection eventually works on the mind and guys start to look like a better option all the time.

For men the whole sex thing is really just a biological issue and we're not all hung up on the list of 348 qualities and attributes one absolutely must meet prior to having coffee somewhere. I've actually seen ads where a woman flatly states that if you do not make at least $100,000 a year and can PROVE it then don't bother contacting her. From there it starts to nit-pick down to clothing style, eye color, mode of transportation, musical tastes, part of town you live in, political views and anything else they can come up with. Guys cut to the chase with three basic yes/no questions. 1) Do you want to have sex? 2) when? 3) where? That's it in a nut shell. Attempting to find a female sex partner can take years and years and literally thousands of e-mails and rejections. Finding another guy to have sex with takes a couple of days and perhaps 5 e-mails. Ladies who don't like Bi-guys.... do the math. You're the ones causing the problem you dislike.

All in all sex is still just basic economics. It's capitalism at it's finest with the law of supply and demand. Anytime the supply of something is low and the demand high.... the price rises. Likewise if there is a glut of a commodity then the cost will be reduced to encourage consumption. In the case of sex the commodity is "pussy" and women are actively engaged in price fixing. (illegal in normal commerce) There is an adequate supply to meet the demand however.... women are holding back and not putting all the available product on the market. This increases it's perceived value and also drives up the demand because of the reduced supply. (And a word to the guys..... as far as the ladies are concerned the market is flooded with cock..... so basically.... you're a dime a dozen item... there will be no long lines of women waiting to get yours.)

Okay..... so just like the current gas situation..... limited supply.... higher cost. But the market adapts and Hybrid cars hit the marked. Dual fuel or.... BI-fuel cars if you will. A car that prefers to run on gas BUT is also able to get along just fine on electricity for a while. Or, in the case of sex, a guy that would prefer some pussy but can get by getting a nut with another guy if need be. And todays society seems to be somewhat accepting of both.

Another aspect of the male/male relationship, that women miss, is the lack of hidden agenda items and the need to play mind games or live up to some elevated expectations. While there may exist some level of initial nervousness at an unfamiliar practice that quickly fades when one discovers that there really are no "performance" expectations present. There is the freedom to just relax and explore the realm of "feel good" for an amount of time. It's about both feeling good and helping someone else feel good too. It's what most of us want with a female but if they are unwilling to participate then feel good will still continue to happen somehow.

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12/14/2006 12:49 am

I'm very impressed and quite informed...I have to re-read this post over to fully grasp your intellect and experience....

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12/14/2006 12:55 am

Again, I'm more than impressed, I'm in complete awareness and fully grasp your knowledge on human sexuality and gender roles...You truly delve into your studies during your time in University. Do you teach?

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