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6/1/2006 10:03 am

I couldn't believe my eyes, could this little girl be fist fucking'? I had to know. So I picked up Cassandra and walked over to the couch, dropping her in a spank me position on top of Lacy. I stood erect in front of those three beauties. I picked up Lacy's hand and smacked Cass's ass with it, the message was clear: let's get dirty! I kneel-ed down and grabbed one of Courtney's perfect tits in my mouth as my hand repeated her motion: first the cupping motion then started sliding her fingers one by one; her womb was boiling hot and her juices were already flowing, I had a feeling she'd be a fountain. I was working myself up to four fingers when Lacy took my hard cock and slapped Cass's sweet buns, little muffled sounds came from the pillow that her face was buried in, she liked it rough. One hand was grabbing and smacking the bent over one while the other one was slowly disappearing in Courtney's love canal. Her eyes widened and her mouth dropped open when the walls of her pussy gave way to the five knuckles, I could feel her nails digging into my shoulder as i got into her up to my fist.

She gestured to me with a come here motion, I was now stimulating way more than her G-spot. She started spanking Cassandra out of sheer pleasure, you had to have seen her eyes roll to the back of her head as she was moving down on my arm, Lacy moved away to settle herself in front of Cass's face spreading her long legs to get munched out a bit more. Cass's little red ass was way up in the air like a little whore deserving her punishment. The air was being filled by Courtney's screams, calling on all the gods, she was moving her hips in the way only a climaxing woman would so I buried me face inside her thighs and lapped at her tiny button sticking out from her spread out pussy lips, pulling her ass apart with my other hand. I could smell her delectable scent getting stronger as the big O came along: "Yes, yes, faster please don't stop, I'm so gonna cum all over you!! Fist fuck me big boy. Right there aaaaahhhh!!!" and she came! It felt as if my hand had caught on fire, the honey started coming from everywhere inside of her, so much that my hand was forced out by her load blowing out everywhere, even my goatee was drenched. Lacy and Cassandra had stopped to watch. I don't think they'd ever seen their friend cum like this before and they wanted some. Since Courtney looked out of it for a while, I could take care of the brunettes. But they took care of me, walking up to me, they dropped to their knees and both of them started licking, slurping the side of my cock while gently cupping my balls in their hands. Saliva was dripping along my erection as they took turns sucking on my ready to blow canon. They laid me down on the carpet to get comfy. Cassandra straddled my prick as soon as I got on my back and slid down my shaft, taking it all in. "Oh yeah that feels so good," she moaned with her pussy primed to explode all over my slapping balls. She still hadn't cum and it was her turn. Lacy grabbed her breast from behind and rolled her pointy nipples between her fingers. By that time Courtney had recovered and came down to give us a hand, well give Cass's pussy a hand that is. The view of this girl riding my manhood with her two friends caressing every inch of her athletic body was driving me insane, i was ready to cream some skin. What started out as a slow sexy rhythm didn't last long. Cass was bopping up and down more and more making little sounds every time she hit the base of my cock. In the corner of my eye, I saw the other two girls planning something, ready to double-team their friend. They each stuck a hand in their pussies to take out some finger-licking goodness. Lacy pushed down on Cass's back, her breasts mashing against my chest; I could see the approval on their faces as the little bubbly butt spread wider to give them a view of her brown hole. As i forced Cass down on every inch of my cock, my hands smacked a couple of times the round bouncy derriere and finally grab it firmly, opening wider her second entry. She gasped when Lacy penetrated her forbidden valley, she was accommodating her new visitor well when a second guest came barging in, the fingers, soaked with pussy cream, made their way into Cass's hole. This new arrival seem to please the bopping brunette as she drove herself down harder and harder with every thrust.

"Spank me! Hurt my ass for fuck's sake!" she cried out, and they did. Lacy continued to finger fuck her back-door while spanking the two pink cheeks popping up and down.

Courtney went for the rubber monster and said: "So you like the sweet pain, eh baby?"

"Yes fuck me hard, just fuck me, I beg you!"

I'm proud of my seven inch but that thing was huge! Lacy plunged her face in Cass's Hershey way, lubbing it up with some saliva, making sure she was all tingling and dripping. Cass's face shifted from soft pleasure to painful pleasure as she bit down on her lips. From inside her body, I could feel that dildo forcing its way into her ass, rubbing against the small skin between her holes. I synchronized with Courtney's wrist action to give that sporty spice the fuck of her life. Kneel-ed down on all fours, she was getting pumped from under and behind and she was begging for more. My balls slapping on her stretched out entry, I could feel her starting to cum. On this I sped up and went in deep. A few thrusts later, her elbows started shaking as she then collapsed on me to climax all over my shaft and now shiny balls, but i wasn't done. I got up from under the wettest one and turned towards Lacy, she was watching us while masturbating on the couch: "You like what you see?"
"Why yes I do!"
"And would you like some of it?"
"Why of course!" she answered winking.

All of this ass fucking and spanking got me dirty, horny and I knew where i was going. Pulling her hips until her pussy was pointing to the sky, I bent down slowly until the head popped through her tiny hole. She was hot and ready so without wasting any more time i fucked her ass while the others watched and enjoyed. A few strokes later, I lost it...pulled out my dick and came all over her beautiful bald beaver.

Now, that's the kind of things that can happen in the suburbs and just keeps on happening ever since that day I met my new friends.

Hope that you liked this fantasy!

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