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5/17/2006 11:52 am

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OK all you horny people here is a story for you. I think the bi ladies may enjoy this more than the guys. Here goes, hope ya'll like it:

For those of you who think livin in the suburbs is just another Sunday mowing boring town, well let me tell you how you couldnt be more wrong.

I couldnt sleep last night so I went for a walk and the whole town was asleep except for this one house with the lights on at the end of the street. Curiosity being in human nature, i had to go take a closer look and certainly did not regret it. As i sttod on the sidewalk, i used the large window, facing me, as my very own private viewing porn movie.

inside was a tall brunette with the biggest natural breasts i'd ever seen, and they danced with each shiver sent thorugh her body by a delightful blonde kneeling in front of her licking her kitty. As i walked a bit closer, the view gave way to a darker brunette lying on her back with the blonde's as riding her face.

I stood there on the grass watching the tall one starting to enjoy herself more and more as she grabbed the blonde's ponytail to gain control and bury her deep into her neatly shaved cunt. That blonde must have had some good tongue action going because it only took a few more moments before the tall one began fondling her breasts with her empty hand as she started letting out little cries of pleasure, moaning harder until i could hear her outside the window. That's when the brunette lying on the floor, peaked by her lesbian lover's climax, reached for the biggest dildo i've ever seen in any store and slowly started pushing it up into blondie's juicy,trimmed pussy. By that time, the standing brunette was simply screaming towards her orgasm: "Oh yes!! Don't stop, I'm so gonna cum, keep that beat on my clit, finger fuck me baby...oh god, god."

You should have seen that my friends, it was beautiful and made my cock harder than ever. I could se her sweet love juice flowing down her legs right before blondie took it upon herself to clean it all up with the flick of a tongue, while jumping up and down on that monster that looked way too big for her petite round ass. My cock couldnt take it anymore, if i didnt get in that action, i'd regret it for the rest of my life or worse....cum in my pants right here like some high school boy. Grabbing my courage with one one hand and my dick with the other, i went up to the door and knocked.

I heard some commotion as i must have surprised them a bit. Afew seconds later, the blonde came to the door, opened it slightly and i could see her trying to sneak a peek through the hole. Here was my chance so i said: "I'm sorry but i couldn't sleep and in my nocturnal walk i couldnt help but notice you girls and aaaaahh...well, i would love to watch you from inside?" As expected, the door slammed shut. Least expected was the chain unlocking and the door reopening to let me gaze upon the sweetest blonde i'd ever seen: a 5 ft 5 real blonde with piercing green eyes, a little button nose and the plumpest lips that looked like silk for my cock. Her tits were small and perky, standing firm and staring right into my eyes. She had a snatch to die for, a little line of golden fur as a treasure trail. she announced herself as Courtney and introduced me to her friends who seemed eager to get back to it. Lacy was the tall, climaxing brunette, she was recovering from her orgasm slowly as she gently stroked her hairless slit. Last but not least, Cassandra. She was one tight 5 foot 8 brunette with a nice round bubble-butt and by the looks of it, she also loves cock!

We had just enough time to say our hellos and the fuck fest was up for its second round. Little Cassandra came right over and started kissing my neck with her full lips as her wandering hands went straight to my crotch. As my little junior was being pulled free i could see Courtney sitting on Lacy's face and letting her taste her own love juice on her still wet fingers. My clothes were falling off rapidly, looked like Cass wanted more that pie at this party and she was now having her own dessert. You should have seen her go at it, she was tonguing my balls like the sweetest of snacks while shining my shaft with her other hand. I could see on the couch that no one was losing time. Lacy had picked up that dildo from giant city and after moisturizing it by ramming it into her still dripping pussy, grabbed Courtney by the ponytail once more and fed her the wet dildo. I didn't think it wass possible but she took it all, she had at least eight inches down her throat and she was loving it. Spitting it up and taking it down again. She was working up a sweat with her body going frantic. I could see Lacy straddling Courtney and rubbin her wet love slit against her thigh as she kept force feeding that rubber cock to blondies who started playing with her tiny twat, cupping herself in her hand until a finger disappeared in her swollen lips, then two, then three.....

To be continued.....

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5/17/2006 3:01 pm

mmmm OMG Sarge.. you are so HOT.. love it honey

Hugs and licks..Ang

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