It begins 2007 Update  

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10/26/2005 10:55 pm

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It begins 2007 Update

Well I must say I read other blogs and found that this may just be a great therapy for me if that makes sense. Well I have enjoyed tracking my AdultFriendFinder, however, I must admit it has never produced too much action for me. It is really somewhat weird because have I perused the club scenes all over the world and I have come to find that I am quite popular and can usually get dates and/or a phone number, or two, or three but here where folks come for fun the action is s-l-o-w. I think the cautious requirement of the internet is what makes it so.

Understandably, the male to female ratio on this site is outrageous and I am sure women get tired of emails from “Mr. Baby, I can rock your world” though it still is surprising that so many show up everyday. Other things confuse me too.

This is an "adult friend-finder" site what is with all of the hey, I am cheating but I won't sleep with another cheater because my partner knows I am a cheater, so my cheating is better than your cheating. People please relax; we are all cheaters in some form or fashion, so if I am going to hell for what I am doing I expect to see you there too. I am sure the statement, but my husband or my wife knew what I was doing will not save you. Trust me, saying; Hey, but I told my partner, will not get you past Peter’s gates any faster than those who chose not to tell. Do you, and let the other do themselves.

In addition, now that I live in Oklahoma, when I go looking for "friends" for the most part they mostly are White since the ratio of White to Black Americans here in small town, southwest Oklahoma, where the thinking and ideas of one America is still a bit dated, is about 97:3. That makes for some interesting reading when you email someone who for whatever reason does not see or ever want to see blacks and one failed to notice it in there profile.

Well I refuse to let this close as a gripe session, as I am not angry just thinking out loud, as I do enjoy cruising the site and reviewing all the pictures. It is just that sometimes you hate window-shopping and just want to buy something. But who knows maybe window shopping is all one needs. I have filled hours of boredom just cruising along, and it has kept me safe from any STDs.

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