the desert!!!  

rm_sandila2 48M
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6/10/2006 1:19 am
the desert!!!

When temperature soars to 50 degree celcius & you are driving to a road where you dont find any body for many think, that you are lucky to have Air condition works in this extreme weather & thanks god you are inside the car...but suddenly, your car starts making noises & you are forced to step in the middle of no where, you have to stop engine, A/c too, dont have water to drink, no shadow around.
Soon the romantic mood you were sharing with your girl friend sitting next to you, few french kisses & arousals changed to life threatening scene.
Now your passion evaporated & you start looking madly for a rescue team.

I hope u wont die in this situation if you r luckyu enough, but ....even if you die, then you can be rememberd as !!!! ( i dont know)

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