rm_sandila2 48M
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6/24/2006 2:52 am

It was hot afternoon, The body was paining & each joint wants to go on its own direction.
Finally decided to have a massage.
Went to a place & selected a so called "nice gal" for the purpose.
Laid down on bed after removing all the clothes & start enjoying the touch of Far eastern girl, initially it was a cold touch whioch slowly start given warmth.
The lighting in the room went on dimmimng due to the timer switch & then i felt the wet & little hot touch of her pussy on my buttocks.
I was dreaming, enjoying the massage.
Then i turned up & saw the tiny boobs hanging like riped fruit & inviting me to tastew them....without delay i did that & then massage stopped all of a sudden.
I forget that i had body pain & she forget her duty.
we went o along fantasy of pleasing.....

Till the end.

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