rm_sandila2 47M
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6/11/2006 2:59 am

It was a busy day & when i left the office, it was almostly around 7pm.
After working too much, i was exhausted & want to reach home as early as possible.
I stuck in a traffic jam.
Was about to cry in frustration when i sense that something happening on right side to my car.
I saw, half heartedly, there was a blonde driving BMW Z2.
All of a sudden a fresh cold breeze wave me off & i felt that iam fresh like in the morning, she looked at me, i also given her a look.
sharp nose, fair color,clear glasses, long neck & the best part, pink lips.
I cant see further down coz our car level was same.
was going to think some thing else, suddenly she passed a big smile to me, i returned the same to her coz we exchanged smiles not becoz we have some interest in each other.....but becoz we were in the same situation.
I was about to meet some one & she may be looking to meet some one too.
but our ways were different altough i was pretty much interested in her profilic face.

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