No Dessert for me, Thanks,  

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2/20/2006 6:54 pm

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No Dessert for me, Thanks,

The evening began with a must attend banquet. My wife was busy and could not attend; however, I found out that her best friend would be there and her husband was not able attend. So automatically, we became a couple for the evening.

We met at happy hour and had a couple of cocktails. The whole time I was thinking, I can not wait for this evening to be over. Not that my wife’s best friend is not attractive, but I could be home drinking a couple of beers and watching ESPN. She was wearing a strapless black dress that was cut just above the knees with black high heels. She had a push up bra that made her breast look marvelous. The high heels pushed her ass out and gave here a get curve. I always thought she was attractive, but she was taboo because she is my wife’s best friend.

Finally, they seated us for the diner and entertainment. Our table was in the back and it suited me fine. The dinner was being served and the speaker was introduced; I was thinking not much longer and I am out of here.

Whenever the speaker would say something funny I notice that she was placing her hand on my thigh and laugh. Each time this happen I found her hand getting closer to my crouch. After having a couple of cocktails and wine I thought I would return the favor. This time I beat her to the punch and placed my hand above her knee and looked her way with a laugh. She shared the laugh and didn’t seem to mind my touch. The next time I moved my hand closer and check her response. Once again, she smiled and laughed; giving me her encouragement with her eyes. She got her move on me the next time. I placed my hand a little closer and she dropped her napkin. In the process of picking it up the napkin her elbow drove my hand right into her pussy. As she picked up her napkin I heard her sigh in my ear as she arose back to the table. I slowly massaged her clit with my finger and thought about how wonderful her pussy would be. Suddenly, she grabbed my arm and I thought, oh fuck, I am in for it now. She announced to the table that her daughter was going to call tonight and she left her cell phone in the car. She asked to be excused and wanted to know if I would go with her into the dark parking lot. I got up and started following her.

We walked by the women’s rest room and she grabbed my arm and yanked me in pushing me into the first stall. She locked the door and slide by me and set on the toilet. She told me that she was about to go crazy as she removed her panties and pulled her dress up above her waist. She told me she has seen the attraction between us and never had the chance to act upon it, I have heard how good you are with your tongue and I have wanted it for a long time. She grabbed my head and pulled me mouth into her pussy.

Her pussy was wet and very warm; it tasted so good. My tongue ran from bottom or her lips up into her clit. Her pussy juices were so heavy they were running over my tongue. I was running my tongue up her pussy and stopping occasionally and circling her clit. I only stopped now and then for my lips to give her a deep passionate kiss on her pussy lips.

Her juices were flowing heavy and I was sucking up as much of them as I could. I moved my tongue up and begin sucking and licking her clit. Meanwhile, I inserted my finger and with a motioning action massaged her G spot. Her breathing increased and hips started bucking against my mouth. I felt her muscles tighten and heard her moan as her cum oozed from her pussy into my mouth. I have never experienced a pussy that tasted so good. I licked up as much of her juices as possible and looked into her eyes.

No words were exchanged; the look we shared was enough. She pulled my mouth to hers and gave me a deep kiss. Her tongue reached down into my mouth extracted all of her juices.

We straighten up and headed back for the dinner. We arrive just in time for dessert and told our waiter; no thanks, we already had dessert.

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