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8/5/2005 9:15 am

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So the other day I wake up to this odd sound of water running in my house. My first thought is wtf? I drag myself out of bed and start looking around, totally expecting to find a faucet on or something, but nothing? Then I decide to look in the backyard. Dear God! A virtual river was started in my backyard from what I can only assume to be a ruptured water line under the foundation. Bleh. Then I look out front, and water is seeping out from under the foundation in the front too!!

I didn't scream, yell or panic. I just stepped back and breathed for a minute. The worst thing is that in all of this I didn't think of cost of repairs or water bills. I thought to myself, damn I work nights and they're going to take all day to fix this. That's going to seriously jack with my sleep!

Oh well heh I guess that's how things go so while grumbling I turn the water off at the street and get some things together to stay at a friends house for a couple days. At least until I am off work for a few days and having plumbers running around won't keep me up all hours of the day!

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