Enough of That!  

rm_sakrilej 41M
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8/22/2005 4:44 pm

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6/11/2006 4:07 am

Enough of That!

A much more positive mood now that I've let that shit out. I haven't got much to say just yet but I couldn't leave my blog on such a flat note.

I'll get to visiting blogs and commenting again soon but for now, back to work. The creativity is flowing so I best run with it.

Songs for the day:
I Wanna Be Sedated - Ramones
Silly Putty - Stanley Clarke
Don't You Worry 'bout a Thing - Stevie Wonder
Exile - Slayer
Crucify - Tori Amos
Certainty - (me)

AtomicKisss 58M

8/22/2005 8:35 pm

How about:

Like a Hurricane - Neil Young
My Sweet Lord - George Harrison
Seeing Things - Black Crowes
Kiss Me - Six Pence None the Richer
Her Strut - Bob Seager

sweetthang2877 39F
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8/22/2005 9:04 pm

Glad your mood has improved!! Thought I was gonna hafta break out the hard-core blonde jokes for a minute there!! *kisses*

If I could be there with you in your time of need
I would lift you up and set you free
From this burden that you carry around
I'd help you get your feet on the ground

Stupid, I know, but it just flowed from me for a second there. I know I said my poetry would never be seen, but I couldn't help it...you inspired something in me.


pussnboots694 73M/78F

8/22/2005 9:10 pm

I simply love this picture..
It is like the light
within your soul..
When you are creative..
Carry on tender heart

PrincessKarma 43F
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8/23/2005 9:32 am

I'm glad you feel better. How is the music coming along?

The Big Bang was the mother of all orgasms.PrincessKarma

buddhakana 62M
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8/23/2005 11:15 am

Greetings my friend. Took a break from writing last night to mix a few things down. Did you get the two clips I sent via Y!!oo email? One was a Native American flute piece called Wilderness Heart and the other was some silver flute lead riffs mixed into the band clip you sent me a couple days ago. The leads went well but there are some mixdown issues that I still have to work on. Still, the proof of concept is there...

My song for the day: Ian Anderson's (Jethro Tull) "Life is a Long Song" ... the last lyric is "But the song ends too soon for us all..."

The truth. Stay strong sakrilej. You have inspiring landscapes, remarkable talent, have suffered the exquisite hurt and know what it means for your heart to sing in the sun. Don't let the intense computer time wear you out. Be sure to breath a little, too.

The body. Vessel for this Life. Live with courage and compassion in your every thought and movement. You are on the verge of great things ...


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