i want to be in shape  

rm_sabine63 53F
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11/25/2005 1:22 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

i want to be in shape

thats not simple , cause i think something is missing in my head and i never know why i stop going to right paths, so im here to join rto alol people with same problems or maybe people that can help each other here to join in my body battle, i know all possibilities , but maybe as they say when we share we multiple....i want help and i need help back of those who are in same problem , im sorry my english mistakes , im brasilian woman , im with 110 kilos today and my goal is 65kilos , im not sure in lbs, i lost 30 lbs two times already , but when i stop the pills the weight come back...if u into gym and nutrition ,please write me ! my email is monicadalincourtny .....u know the one that say U DO....yeah! hope hear from u soon, kisses, monica, today i ate everything wrong if one person wants call m,e to talk i would love that , i need some words here to make my mind not soo obssessive, im imprisioned in my mind and my mind is just living for food , thats terrible feeling , kissess , here my email and my phjone 011552225227173, monica , u on diet too???greatt , i need to learn all u doing! byeeeeee

nightstalker172 36M
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11/25/2005 2:45 pm

Want to be in shape do you....well Come to my blog and look on the first page and you can read some advice about loseing weight...110 Kilos is about 220 pounds...Im only guess thats not exact I weigh about 350 pounds which is about 170-180 Kilos but anyway if you want some advice on loseing weight I can help. Ive done countless hours of research and a few trail and error tests on myself. Before you start anything with your diet and such though you should get a check up fromt he doctor. anyway Peace....

sleeplessknight1 68M

11/25/2005 3:50 pm

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Hi sabine
you have a great use of english language.. We are very bad at languages in UK.
Welcome to Blogging... there are many nice people who write articles....
have fun.....


Hope you have fun in the land of Blog.
You arrived just in time for the Christmas festivities,
so have a great one, when it arrives....

There is a bloggers group on here,
if you are interested. Its a forum for any blogging
problems. I found it very helpful, as this was the first
time I had opened a Blog.
- See the link here bloggers of this friendly site, its been around since
blogs were set up on this site....
and they are a great bunch of people.... great blogs and
a great sense of fun and humour.

Have fun.

Theres lots of great stuff on here.....

Take care.

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GoddessOfTheDawn 105F
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12/22/2005 1:05 am

sabine63, there are some good groups about weight loss on here, in the group section.

gud luck, if you need help lemmenoo

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