mmmm caffeine.  

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3/24/2006 1:18 am
mmmm caffeine.

So my tiredness gets worse and worse...lovely...has anyone every really explored the feeling of being tired. I mean really? Well thankfully we don't have to. A friend of mine explored it quite thuroughly for us. From his prospective of staying awake for 4 days without sleep or the aid of drugs and alcohol, He describes it as almost being in a delerious state of mind with holucinations. "edit there are more than a few grammatical errors in this blog." Granted my friend is not the sainest of folk but he is a great person non the less. His behaviour while going through sleep deprevation can be simply descibed in his circumstance as very basic...Most of the simple needs in life are met...the rest are luxuries for which sleep deprevation do not afford. Simple bathing, shaving, teeth brushing and other hygene issues go straight out the window....Now if this is becoming long winded and stupid...stop reading now. Hey I said stop. As I was saying...He is definatly a different person. This the guy that used to cook in his room...Bear in mind there were no sinks, no stove, only an electric wok with cutting board and chop sticks. different yes...but he is a very admirable person for his intelligence. Heres an odd thing That seems to be very common among people with higher IQ's. I clarify this...The smart people I have met... This not singling out all smart people, but for the most part people with high IQ's generally are smart logically, Only problem with logic is that emotional intelligence from my point of view is paramount to intelligence in general...also remeber Im canadain and we enjoy beer and snow ok Now that was some good nonsense.

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