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My Bio

Birth date: October 4th, 1957
Ancestry: Irish, German, Cherokee, Scottish, Welsh and French.
High School: Bassett HS, La Puente, Ca. Class of '75
College: University of New Orleans Majored in Computer Science

I am the eldest of seven children. I have 3 brothers and 3 sisters. So, I guess I ended up being sort of a role model. Although, at the time I did not realize it. The difference in our ages is only about 7 years, but the difference between 16 and 9 is worlds apart. So, I guess I was looked up to and all through High School. I was totally oblivious to this. I was too focused on myself, on the present and concerned with having fun and nothing else. Which in retrospect is a really a shame. I've learned to try to be more observant.

I had NO idea what I wanted to do in life and NO real goals. I did have a huge interest in Photography and did show some considerable talent (I think). But, at this time I really hadn't considered that as a career.

After graduation from High School I basically wasted a year just getting by with no goals or direction. In 1976 I enlisted into the Navy. I wanted to take my serious hobby of photography and make it a career. But the Navy would have none of this. They told me I was partially color blind (a common male affliction of partial Red and Green blindness - or so the Navy doctors stated). In high school I had done some work in the darkroom with color photography, so I took this info with great sceptism. But try arguing with the military.

So, I had to look for something else. This would mark the beginning of my career as a Data Processor (Computers). My first duty station (early '77) was to be part of the commissioning crew of the U.S.S. Dwight D. Eisenhower CVN69.

Two years later, after visiting Europe twice and reaching the rank of DP2 (E-5), I married my HS sweetheart. Today, I consider this a big mistake. We lived in Norfolk, Va. for approximately 3 years, at which time our twins were born (Michael and Michelle). That was the same year I transferred to NTC, San Diego to start my tour as a teacher of future Data Processors. I taught for two years and then transferred to the U.S.S Samuel Gompers AD-37.

I rose to the rank of DP1 (E-6) during this tour and visited many ports in the Pacific. We were blessed with our third child (Christal) in '85. It was at this time that I got fed up with Military life. At the end of my enlistment I decided to seek my fortune as a civilian.

Yeah Right!

Six months of unemployment and a year in a low paying, dead end job forced me to re-evaluate my career moves. Yep, I enlisted in the Navy again.

So here I am, stationed in New Orleans getting the experience I needed to acquire in the field I thought would be my chosen profession, Computer Programming. Well, fours years of that cured me of that delusion. Don't get me wrong, I was pretty good at it, but I just didn't enjoy it.

So I applied for and was accepted to the University of New Orleans and the Navy accepted me into one of their premier programs and I spent the next two years going to school and getting paid to do it. Sweet!

Finally, something seemed to be going right in my life. But that delusion didn't last long. My marriage which had been getting a little rocky, started to fail. Tensions were getting bad between me and my wife and the pressures of military life, trying to keep up with a demanding class schedule were not helping. More on that later.

Ok, 2 years after starting college I'm done. No, I didn't quite finish ALL the requirements for a BS. But the Naval program I was for only 2 years and I did not get accepted for another two. So I was transferred to my next and last Ship (Thank God!).

The U.S.S. Carl Vinson CVN-70. Did I say "Thank God?" Boy was that premature. One of my worst duty stations. The Vinson was built using the same basic blueprints as the Eisenhower. So there was no difficulty in learning the layout of a new ship. The problems arose with the guys I worked for and who worked for me. Prima Donnas and/or Incompetent Imbeciles. I won't mention any names. They know who they are.

I know what you are probably thinking. I'm blaming others for my problems. Nope. I had my share of problems and they only got worse while I was stationed on this ship. To top it all off, my marriage failed and my ex put me thru a very long, nasty, brutal divorce which nearly put me in Leavenworth. No, I won't go into that. I've put it behind me and it is a deep scar best left alone.

Enough said on that.

Now I at my last duty station, China Lake Naval Weapons Station. This base is located deep in the Mojave desert. Yeah, I know, you are wondering what the @#*! is the Navy doing in the middle of a desert? This base is part of a series of bases used to test new weapons and aircraft. Two years later I'm leaving the Navy for good. Funny how things work out, you'll find out later.

Ok, I am now and for good a civilian. Again I have trouble finding work. So, I fall back on something that I really like doing but have not perused since 6th grade. Acting. Yeah, I know, why didn't pursue this during HS? To be honest, I really have no clue why I never joined the Thespian Club. All I can say is that I didn't.

I spent the next year or so working as an extra in various productions. Movies like 'Most Wanted' and 'Just Write'. Television shows like 'Profiler', 'Moesha', and 'Ned and Stacy'. But making a living as an extra is difficult at best and I was still trying to recover from the traumatic events of the previous couple of years.

So I went back to working in the computer field. My first semi permanent job was with SCE as a PC hardware and software installer. This was a dead end position so I moved on. Next came working on the Help Desk at Aramark. Answering calls from employees who were having problems with their computers. But again, the pay was not competitive and the IS dept was not respected in any way shape or form. Not your ideal place to work.

Next came the job I would have stayed at 'til retirement but management had other ideas. At Sony Pictures Entertainment the fringe benefits were great! Who would not love to have the privilege of watching Motion Pictures being filmed during your everyday activities. Seeing the stars as who they are and not the character they are portraying. Seeing how the sets are built and what really is behind that door the actor just exited through. Seeing the process of a movie being created from beginning to end. Seeing what must be done before and after filming to get that finished product to the theater or TV screen. Meeting the people who do the work that never get on screen credit their work. All this helped to counteract the stress of dealing with people bent out of shape due to a malfunctioning computer, network accessibility, or other computer related problem.

But, after a couple of years of Box Office failures and the change in CFO, the IS Dept was again not the place to be employed. Before I was let go, there was a mass exodus of IS personnel due to changes in management direction that, in the eyes of many, not good for the future of the dept. Which, in hindsight, I happen to agree with and am not unhappy that I no longer work there, but I am disappointed. Oh well, cest le vie.

Time has come that I decide that Los Angeles, NO, California is not the place I want to live. So, move to a small town in SW Colorado. Great place to live, not so great for employment. I wonder from minimum wage job to the next. I try my hand and working for myself as a Computer Consultant and finally wind up working at the place that is the ONLY real tourist attraction this town really has to offer. Well, besides the local ski area that is. The Springs Resort is a beautiful and wonderful place. Started out as a GREAT place to work. I moved up to Vending Supervisor and into a position primed for building a department for an expanding business. But by now I've come full circle. I am looking at my retirement and not liking what I see. So I look at my options and see what I should have done 10 years ago. So, I am returning to Military service, or at least trying to. If I succeed, I will have a decent retirement in a short 6 years. This means I will have to move from this paradise in the mountains but if I dont secure my retirement I wouldn't be able to stay anyway.

So, that is my history.

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