Why am I writting this?  

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12/19/2005 11:56 pm

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Why am I writting this?

Hi ....
I kept thinking for a while about what to write in my blog until last night. Last night I was chatting with a girl and she said something that caught my attention. She said "I wish men had a an instruction manual that came with them.". I laughed at the beginning and then I said to myself she is write!!. I wish everybody has a manual so we know how to react and deal with each other in the way everyone likes. Then I decided to make this as my blog. I will write about our relations, how we think, and how to make a relation ship works. I will depend on my personal experience and some of my readings. This will make all my writing as personal opinion which makes it wrong to some people and acceptable to others. The bottom line it is only opinions and thoughts so if you didn't like it or disagree with it please don't be mad and be generous and post your own points so we all learn.

The way I'll do this is by setting up some principals in relations. Then I'll start talking about what us "men" are expecting from you "women". I'll be talking most of the time about us "men" and how we think and why we think in that way. I'll give some examples from my personal experience and sometimes from stories I heard.

Now what is needed from you as a reader is to add your comments to come up with something really useful for all of us.

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