The Evening After, and Months  

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2/25/2005 8:02 am

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The Evening After, and Months

The night at the club was out of this world, I went home that night, not only with her number

(Did not bother taking down the other girl, although she was very nice, I think it was instinct, I love to follow my instincts, and feel like the alpha male!)

, so anyway, not only her number, but with an incredible, renewed sense of freedom and confidence.

What happend boost my confidence to another dimension.
And that was what the Doctor ordered!

After that night in the club, we became great friends, let's give her a name?? A fake name, since, it is unfair to give her real name, oh god, but her real name would be much better. A french girl she is, French/Belgium. Oh no I cannot, I cannot give her name to you, no I cannot do that that would be naughty, and what about trust?????

Weeks went by, she was doing some moved on an island somewhere, think it was Mauritius, doing once of those crap deserted island movies. You know? 9120? OH no, not that, BLUE Lagoon type movies!

She got back, I forgot, It was a long time, me....I was asleep 7pm in the eveing, tired, fatigued from work and stressed.

My phone rings, it was alarming, I struggled to find it with the blinds in my room down, black, dark, I searched, I thought...

Pick it up? Yes, No, No, go sleep, yes...No..

What the hell, I answer the phone, it is HER!!! Her beautiful voice, within split seconds my entire body is re-vitalized with energy, I shout her name on the phone F.......

Excitement, laughter and jokes. She is in town!

We met at a pub, hugged, kissed and sat close to one another, I had a beer, she, a glass of water, no drinking for her tonight, I wondered why.... Weird...... I decided to not drink....

We went to my apartment, candles, dim lights, and the most sexy music on the planet:

MISS KITTEN, the album name, Miss Kitten and the Hackers.

Not before long, we were both hot and horny, chatting to each other, touching each other gently, stroking her thigh, shuffling about to get closer....

Before long, she was on top of me, in the lounge, i though, oh god, my flat mate ( a Women), hope she does not come hope.

Clothes flying off, all over the lounge, her, on top, riding me hard, I was mesmerized by her face, enjoyment, bliss, she was transcended to another world, a world of satisfaction, happiness, sex and enjoyment. There was something about her expression, I never seen them before, pure enjoyment……….

Click, knock, turn, screech, the door opened, my room mate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my god, I looked at her, F....... eyes opened wide, she stopped, looked at my room mate, looked at me.

She left, door closes, F....... looks at me… “Would you like her to join us?”

I think, oh my god... Before my mind could run the calculation, NO NO NO NO Absolutely NO!!!!!!!

We carry on, I think, no, oh god, I cannot SH1T on my own doorstep.

We left the lounge it was odd, spent the rest of the night in my bedroom, sex once, twice, 3 times, and more. A renewed sense of freedom and energy pulsated through me the next day, happy and satisfied……………….Again, I hope, Again……………..

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