A simple desultory Phillipic  

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1/24/2006 7:21 am

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A simple desultory Phillipic

Welcome. If you are reading this you are incredibley bored, jaded or just curious.

From time to time I intend to post certain observations about AdultFriendFinder, commentary on the world and commentary on life, especially my own.

To begin, as you can see, I am 58 years old. That really appears ancient in this day in age. I am retired a retired professional having accepted early retirement from an employer that decided they needed younger blood to keep in step with the times. I guess they decided that the old dogs couldn't learn new tricks.

A few comments on things in general about AdultFriendFinder:

It is amazing to me that for how many special interest groups there are on this site that there appears to be little hooking up going on. For example, here in Colorado there have been several postings in groups seeking to start daytime sex get togethers. Usually, the conversation is started by a female member (maybe) and then every swinging dick decides that he is the greatest cock that ever lived. They all tend to believe that by answering they will be invited into the ultimate nirvana of a daytime gang bang. Occasionally, a second female member may state that she is willing to join the fun. Again more men write to say that they are ready willing and able to join in the fun. First of all, it would get a little crowded with 50 to 2 odds. I can't imagine that any woman would want to face that!!
Second, the line eventually peters out (no pun intended) after a month or so. What's going on here. Ladies, are you afraid that you created a monster when you only wanted to have a little afternoon get together? Men, are you so desperate that you would want to stick your cock in a pussy that has been used and abused for maybe hours? Sounds more like torture to me. Comments from members of both sexes are invited.

On another matter, I have read many of the Female blogs from the Denver area. All tend to have one thing in common. Whenever they post they are inundated with pictures of men's cocks. Certainly this is a fine howdy-do. It seems extremely rude to me to introduce yourself to another person with a picture of your sexual organ and expect the other to respond in a civil matter. The hi there, lets fuck approach does not work. Trying to show how well endowed you are not only belittles the person that you are trying to meet, but it makes the other feel like nothing more than a piece of meat. If I were a woman I would be offended. Again, your comments are welcome whether pro or con.

Hope to get your comments soon so that we may carry out this post to its natural conclusion.

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1/27/2006 9:19 pm

I stopped by yours, since you were kind enough to stop by mine

To answer your questions, the company getting rid of you for younger hip, kids, is driving me crazy. They are NOT all that and companies will soon see that all they want is the wage and not have to work for it. Then us "Older" ones will be appreciated again

The "gang bang" afternoon thingy is usually all in fun, and that is why it never goes anywhere Been on AdultFriendFinder long enough to finally see that My hubby Sprky likes to give the girls hell over it

You know when I get the "cock" shot, it goes right into the round bin. I don't even pay attention to it. When I get the crude and rude email, I simply either delete it or send them a quick response reminding them that I am married and to hop on over to our couple profile and then re-read mine I have been lucky so far and only had two children get pissy with me

There is your first comment

Thanks for stopping by mine and have fun on blogland, its a ton of fun

hugs and smiles

rm_rusty730 68M
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1/30/2006 6:41 am

Thanks. Your comment is greatly appreciated.

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