How we meet (his point of view)  

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12/20/2005 7:51 pm

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How we meet (his point of view)

Our first meeting was great. We met for dinner and drinks and all went away somewhat curious and aroused. Carlie and Matt were very easy going and we just felt comfortable with them.

Our second meeting was even better. We had agreed to meet and just watch each other. During dinner I would sit next to Carlie and you would sit next to my wife. Playing under the table was allowed, as long as clothes stayed on. Afterwards, back at our hotel, the ladies wanted to be treated to a full body massage from the other guy but after that, only watching the other couple was allowed.

We ate at a nice restaurant and were lucky enough to get a booth towards the back with low lighting. We were somewhat comfortable with each other during our first meeting so I reached around and put my arm around your girl. She responded by sitting closer and placing her hand on my knee, just to say hi. My wife responded by teasing my crotch with her toes. She grinned at me as if to dare me to go farther. Of course I couldn’t see where her left hand was under the table.

Both of our ladies have the most beautiful long, brown hair. I ran my fingers through Carlie’s, softly teasing her ear in the process. She responded playfully by squeezing my knee, and she moved her hand about an inch up my leg. My heart was pounding, and my penis was starting to come to life. She leaned her head to my shoulders as she carried on a conversation with my wife and her man. I was lost, somehow distracted…

We all straightened up as the waitress arrived for our drink order. As the waitress left, Carlie placed her hand back on my knee and playfully kneaded my trousers. She placed her head back on my shoulders and started working her way up to my penis. I was just about to lose it right then and there. She leaned forward to say something to my wife (I was hopelessly lost in the conversation at that point, the girls noticed and giggled) and as she leaned I saw a nice view of her chest. She grabbed my penis and slowly teased as we waited for drinks. I decided to return the favor by placing my left hand on her knee. She let go of me, to allow me room to work. Taking my time, I played with the hem of her skirt (about knee level as she sat), teasing her leg and lower thigh. Her skirt was very loose at the bottom which left plenty of room to play. She sat back in the booth and adjusted her bottom in anticipation, however I vowed to take my time. I inched higher and higher, slowly teasing, trying to concentrate on the conversation at the table. I eventually reached her panties. Remembering the rules, I didn’t try to take them off or even move them out of the way. As I rubbed and felt my way around I could tell that she was wearing a thong. Playing with her ass seemed like a good idea. She responded by adjusting slightly in her seat. I grabbed the thong and gently tugged, pushing the fabric into her. She signaled her approval by placing her hand on top of mine and she began to guide my hand to where she wanted it. Her panties were really wet by this point. She encouraged my fingers to play and I could hear her breathing become deeper. This was undoubtedly going to be a great night...

More to come, feel free to tell us what happens next.

Tiff_1814 29F

12/22/2005 7:22 am

My date, Tim/21/m, and I, Tiff/18/bif were in the same restaurant that night. We had arrived a few minutes before the four of you. Tim had ordered a drink to share with me as I'm not of age. I noticed the four of you as you arrived. I remember thinking how attractive you all were and sexy too. Before long, I saw the foot between your legs. I assumed it was going to be a short joke like touch, but kept an eye on your table anyway. Much to my delight, the erotic touching continued. I couldn't see everything because of the table cloth and the four of you were being careful, trying to be private to everyone except those at your table.

I could feel myself getting turned-on and was pumping my foot with my legs crossed. I can stimulate myself that way, but it isn't as simulating as a finger. I uncrossed my legs and pointed my knees somewhat in the direction of your table. Spreading my knees carelessly. I had to tell Tim. For him to look, he would need to be obvious and turd around. I told him to move to my side of the booth. He did. As we watched, I was rubbing the bulge in his pants. I slipped my other hand down my waist band and rubbed my silky panties over my clitty.

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