Interesting day...  

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5/29/2006 5:31 pm
Interesting day...

I had made the comment to a friend a while back that it seemed that everyone else had wild experiences in their work but me... I had the day off, but with the family out of town, I went to the office to get some things done. There is a young lady who has talked to me in the past and once in a while she stops by to talk. Because of the holiday, there wasn't anyone else in the building and she was obviously a little distracted. Because it was a day off, I wore sweats and a t-shirt, and was not in the mood for anyting else. She seemed preoccupied with my sweats and I coyly asked if she saw something she liked. She blushed and said yes, so I asked her to come over.

She probably had this planned, but I wasn't going to let it go by. She sat on the desk and I could see that she too was not wearing underwear under her skirt. I stood up and slipped a hand up her thigh as I leaned in to kiss her. I felt her hand reaching into my sweats and I was very hard. I asked her if she had ever had a real orgasm, and she blushed, saying that she had masturbated while she fantasized about me. I smiled and decided not to let her down.

She opened her legs and i lid my hand up to caress her soft pubic hair. She had only left a little, and she closed her eyes as I kissed her neck. I have been told I have talented fingers, and I used them to the fullest, as she got more and more excited. I turned her around and sat her on my lap with my hard cock pressing against her thigh. I then kissed and sucked on her neck as my fingers rubbed her clist and breasts. after a few minutes, she was telling me to stop teasing and give it to her. I slid my shaft in and realized that she was one of the tightest, I dare say never had a cock before. She got up and sat on the desk again and I stood to give it to her propper. I let a load go, and pushed through to make sure she was satisfied. I was beginning to ger worried that she was going to pass out from her excitement, but she told me not to stop. I felt her tense up in orgasm for the 3rd time, this one the most intense. I pushed to see how far I could take her. Then she grabbed my arms and came so hard that she shit on the desk. That's right, she lost control and shit. I couldn't go on,I almost laughed. She was so embarassed that she wanted to melt into the wall, but I told her it was ok. That was a first for me, the attention as well as a girl shitting in orgasm. If any girls have done this, I would like to know. Or is it just that I was able to push it that far... I would like to think the latter.

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