Whatever Will Be, Will Be!!!!!  

rm_rsp54 58F
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6/15/2006 7:01 am

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6/22/2006 1:54 pm

Whatever Will Be, Will Be!!!!!

I can't sit around and worry about my situation; life is to short to waste on worry. But, in the back of mind, there will be that niggling force.

It is summer, and my 8am daily walk was wonderful. My best friend, who is a teacher, now out of school, joins me most days. Today was stellar. We walked fast and far. The sun was shining brightly and unsecured dogs were at a minimum. Our conversations varry greatly. We saw several big buzzards. The woodpeckers were busy at work in the woods. I took my camera for the first time in several days. I really miss taking pictures when I go a few days without.

Now, I'm home alone, trying to arrange a meet with my lover. He's been burried by work, of late. We hope to get away for a little fun in the wild. Then, it's off to run errands.

I can't help but think of my cat scan appointment for tomorrow afternoon. If the tumor is back, I'll handle it. I just need to mentally prepare and be strong. Funny thing, it is during times of crisis when I really shine. I sometimes amaze myself. Whatever!!!

Off to the shower to wash this sweaty body. I'm sure that my fingers will find a warm wet crevice to explore. It feels so nice to rub a hungry cunt while all warm and soapy!!!

Later, friends!

imLadyBambi 58M/50F

6/15/2006 8:07 am


This is the first time I have visited your blog site and I'm really glad I did.

Hope all goes well for you tomorrow and Mr.Bambi and I will be praying for you.

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If ya would please leave a comment so I'll know you were there.Thanks.

12pups 54M

6/15/2006 8:13 am

Sometimes people get the idea we're here forever. They waste time, as if we had time to kill. like reading your blogs because you aren't wasting anything. You are sucking the marrow out of life.

We can't change what a CAT scan will report. But having one sure makes us aware of mortality. Even if it comes back negative, which is what we certainly all hope for, just having one, just having that swelling, knowing what it could mean, sharpens life.

I have my own health issues. And I know what it is to be stunned now by the walnut tree out back, the sun streaming through its light green feather-like leaves, a picture of which is in my own blog. I spent years walking past that. But now I stop short. Nothing is more important than simply appreciating it.

I know you don't need to be told these things. But is it okay if I just nod and say, "Cheers, Woman. You are awesome!" ?

12pups 54M

6/15/2006 8:14 am

First line: ".like* => "I like..."

kiwikid477 61M
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6/15/2006 9:33 am

Rose thinking of you, all the very best because you are one of the BEST.

all your readers I am sure will be thinking positive thoughts for you.
Give that horny wet Crevice a good rubbing as you know it will help you relax and get a positive spin on things.
I would love to be by your side during this time just to love and support you.
your Kiwi Mate

rm_TopDog4fun 42M

6/15/2006 11:15 am

Good luck at the Doc. hope everything is fine and next time give me a call if you dont want to rub that crevice alone!

Peace, Joe

digdug41 49M

6/15/2006 4:38 pm

hey rose my son had what they called a cystic hygroma on his neck from birth, they wanted to operate on him when he was three months old, I told them no and I'm glad I did, it went away on its own and I am so happy it did. I hope that everything will be alright tomorrow keep us updated ok, cyalater.

roaming the cyber streets of blogland

fystegirl 42F
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6/19/2006 7:43 am

mmmmmmmmm yeah...you sound interesting!

WildWilly747 69M

6/19/2006 8:54 am

I'll be thinking about you, Darlin'.

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