There Aint No Such Thing As a Free Lunch or Super Duper Internet Camera Deals  

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1/17/2006 6:09 am

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There Aint No Such Thing As a Free Lunch or Super Duper Internet Camera Deals

During my hiatus and general holiday withdrawl, I decided to treat myself to a nice camera. Since I am non-church related, my husband does not spend much time or thought on a christmas gift for me but insists on getting me something. I had previously suggested nixing the whole gift exchange, but was quickly vetoed. So, when I suggested researching and finding the camera of my desire, he recognized the easy out and agreed.
Without going into much detail, the "too practical" german heritage won out and decided against a SLR. I'll probably cave when they become a little less expensive. What I opted for was a good camera with a great lens and optical zoom. It's automatic if I want it to be, and otherwise a whole lot of fun to use, to reacquaint myself with the finer points of photography.
I read everything I could find about this camera and then went to local retailers to see it. Only one of the big guns in electronic and photo merchandising had one in store. Yes, It was the camera I wanted, the funny thing was that none of the store's sales staff could tell me diddly about it. So rule number one on my list:
1) When making a major purchase get to know intimately the details of the object you wish to purchase!!!
I really hate the super store concept. I suppose they started out with good intentions, but as soon as all of the cometition has been eliminated, the whole thing goes to shit. All part of the dumming down of the american consumer. They want to tell us what they think we should want, and carry only those goods.
Without gettin too much off track, I'll continue. Short of driving or taking the bus into NYC(about 2 hours)My only option was buying the camera for about 50 bucks below list(not really a deal)So, I vigorously searched for my camera. One dealer had it for three hundred less than list, somewhat unbelievable. I called them and they confirmed it was true. So it had a silver body when I really wanted black. It's not a fashion accessory, so I ordered it.
Here's where it gets interesting. Two days later I get an email saying that they would like to talk to me about my order. I call the number and get this cocky young dude. He says to me, "Would you like to purchase a battery with that camera?" I answer, "Say What?" He responds, "This Camera does not come with a battery and for just one hundred and fifty bucks we can provide a battery and for 25 additional bucks we will throw in a usb cable and tv connecter." what was this dope talking about, I thought as I am looking at the standard packing insert on the panasonic website. I told him that these articles are standard features with this camera. Are you opening the packed boxes and selling the standard equipment as accessories? No answer. I'm sure that there are many consumer groups that would love to hear of this practice. He hung up!!!
One problem. The fuckers have my credit card number. So I call back and make sure that I have a cancel confirmation. What rip-off artists.
The next place I tried had a very good rating and I made sure what I would be getting before any funds were exchanged.
In the end, I saved a decent amout of money, but the irritation factor was high. Oh well, just another learning experience.

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1/18/2006 5:15 am

A Sheltie !!!!!! They are beautiful dogs !!!!

Keep the pictures coming please...*S*

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3/21/2006 1:30 pm

would you please tell us the name or url of the store you had the camera problem at?
its always better to learn from someone else's misteak than to make the same one.
im internet shopping for a camera and dont want to get nailed by the same co.

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