The Saga Begins  

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9/26/2005 6:22 am

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The Saga Begins

Today is an anniversary, for me. Three years ago today I underwent a very serious operation. The circumstances leading up to it proved to be a phenomenal learning experience. My obeservations afterward were even more telling.

I was sleeping badly, snoring like an overweight drunk. But what finally drew my attention to the real problem was when I opened up and said ahh, and looked in the back of my throat, my epiglottis,(that thingie that hangs down in the center of your throat) was very much off center.

I went to my family doctor, who was puzzled and sent me packing to an Otolaryngologist. He says that he has to place a scope down my throat. He squirts a very foul tasting substance up my nose and instructs me to breathe in. He then threads a thin plastic coated wire about 18 inches, in my nose and down my throat, while instructing me to swallow. He watched on a tv screen. All of a sudden, his facial expression changes and he asks if I mind if he gets his partner to observe. O.K.,I'm lying back in a chair with a scope down my throat, Am I in any position to say no?

The partner arrives. The two of them point and whisper. The partner leaves, and the scope is removed. The doctor pronounces, "You have something in your throat." "No shit!" I think to myself. He says that I must go next door and have a MRI right away.

I know the docs at the MRI. We have worked together for many years. They are very competent, so at least I feel confident. After the study is performed, I head for the one doctor's office. Both of the docs are pacing, with several books opened on the desk. I think,"I'm Fucked!" The one proclaims "We think we know what you have." "Think", I ask? They explain that there is a tumor about the size of a small plum, which is displacing one of my carotid arteries, and that it is a wonder that I'm not dizzy, or passing out from time to time. It is a very rare sort of thing and they really don't know much about them.

What do I do? They tell me to discuss my options with my family doctor. I'm sure that he knows even less than these guys.

I meet with my lover. We discuss the situation. He is the most reasonable person I know. He mulls over the whole thing with me. We decide to research it as best we can. It is right here and now that I decide that I must take control of the situation and that emotion can have no part in the plan. I'm sure that this will be a challenge. I have no alternative but to be up for it!

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