Sins of Our Fathers(Part2)  

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7/28/2005 11:10 pm

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Sins of Our Fathers(Part2)

So, I was a young inexperienced, jaded teen, living in the era or peace and love. I had, what I felt to be, subhuman parents.

It was the proverbial case of "Looking for love in all the wrong places". I wanted desparetely to like myself but couldn't. My silent complicity made me feel like a whore. At seventeen I only cared about getting away.

A new city, school was a refuge of sorts. I accquired a boyfriend We fucked senslessly. He was smitten, I was using him. I knew that our future together was limited.

I found the prospect of sex, the hunt, exciting. But quite frankly, I did not experience orgasms. I refused to let myself enjoy the experience. I vowed to always control the situation.

I rarely went home. During Christmas break, my father tried to have his way with me and I refused. He couldn't ground me at school. I was paying my own way so he couldn't pull the plug on that either.

I got through school, ditched the boyfriend and tried to get on with my life. I lived my life on the defensive. I was way too cocky for my own good. More ..later

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