Revenge of Victoria's Secret  

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9/23/2005 9:30 am

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Revenge of Victoria's Secret

Yesterday I was walking my dog in the woods. There is a big hill where we always play a game. I run wildly down the hill, and she runs past me, then faces me and tries to herd me.(she is a shetland sheep dog)

Well as I started running down the hill, I started getting a pain in my chest. The longer I ran the more severe the pain became. Was I concerned? Hell, Yes! But since the pain, which now felt like a knife stabbing me, was not accompanied by shortness of breath or any other heart symptoms, I stopped to assess the situation.

I lifted up my tee shirt and put a hand to my chest and immediately burst out laughing. You see, the stitching in my underwire bra had come out. The underwire which was flat and quite sharp on the end was literally stabbing me!

I pulled it out and continued my trek through the woods, happy in now knowing that everything was just fine!

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