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11/16/2005 6:09 am

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No Words Needed

The other day, a movie, acted in and directed by one of my favorites(Roberto Benigni) was on television. It was listed as Life Is Beautiful, instead of LA VITA E BELLA. So when the title is translated, one would only hope that they don't mess up a very good film by dubbing. But, to my dismay, that is exactly what they did.
I know that this is solely my opinion, but when an actor's lips are going one way, and a totally different thing is comming out, something is seriously lost.

This entire thing led to a disagreement with my husband, who hates reading subtitles. He could not believe that someone would actually prefer them to dubbing. I tried to explain to him that when I look at an actor, I try to process his body language as much as what he says.He couldn't understand(probably because if it dosen't involve shooting and carnage, or Jesus, then it aint worth watching anyway!) I guess that's why I really don't like watching movies with him.
I guess it is hard for people who have reading difficulties, but I much prefer reading subtitles to coordination chaos, anyday.

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11/18/2005 8:32 am

One simple rule: Translation on the subtitles is always better than the dub. Simply because the subtitles don't have to fit into the rhythm of a foreign tongue. I watch a lot of foreign film (okay, so half of it is cartoons. Still foreign, and Miyazaki is at least the equal of many snooty foreign directors), and I can't stand dubs.

For some reason american dub casts are usually horrifically mis-cast. Not to mention the propensity to use big names to draw attention to the product - Claire Daines and whover voiced Armitage (the girl from that movie about the stripper that killed her career) are due a truly torturous eternity of suffering just for their wooden voice acting.

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11/28/2005 8:16 am

Hi Rose

Well, i know people who won't watch a film from anywhere that isn't part of the mention a Swedish film or an Italian film.....even an indie Brit film and they start wrinkling their nose....

But you have some lovely delicate life-enhancing sensitive films in the US to: i recommend the 2 films that Richard Linklater made with Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy....."Before Sunrise" (set in Vienna).....and "Before Sunset" (set in Paris). They're not subtitled......but I wouldn't bother watching them with your husband......he won't understand

You have to keep trying to stretch your is so big out there....


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