Morning Ramblings  

rm_rsp54 58F
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3/27/2006 7:33 am

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3/28/2006 4:56 am

Morning Ramblings

Savouring each bit of Sexual freedom afforded me,even if it only involves masturbation. Gosh, I have a hankering to be a dirty slut. I can flip flop from pissing on a guy in the shower to being in the opposite position. Sweet Variety.

My nipples are so sensitive. I make a point of pinching them daily. Love to rub em, mmmmmm. They are always very red...maybe I need to do a new pic.

While I was masturbating before, after reading a sexy email from a friend, I pictured myself masturbating for all of my readers. Selecting one lucky patron for a cock sucking extrordinere. Everyone watching, while wanking. Letting you all see how slutty I can really be. Picking the perfect fit of a cock for my ass. Yes, I think of this a lot.

This brings me to somewhat deal with my sexual addiction. I can stop any time, but I like myself much better when I can mentally live a very sexual life. I moderate, when things start to get out of hand. I guess I need a slow steady burn, when it comes to sex....but once in a while, a girl needs to get crazy. Have a great Day.......

kiwikid477 61M
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3/27/2006 8:11 am

Rsp I sit here with a raging hard on that I have to take care of before I go to bed or I will never sleep tonight. It's alright for you, you horny wench you have the rest of the day until the family get home. I need my beauty sleep and I won't get it in the state I am in.
You make me so fucking hot that I need to cum now, Please think of me while I wank for you. Give those nipples a good rubbing and that hot cunt a work out, be careful I don't sneak up and try that red hot arse on for size. You know when things get out of hand like you talk about it is probably best to take yourself in hand. You are one classy slut that needs and deserves the best and I hope you get.
I am
Your Kiwi

frederickc 50M
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3/27/2006 6:27 pm

So I imagined running into you at one of the clubs. You were standing there watching a couple fucking each other: she was on top, laying on him so that we could get a good view of his cock sliding in and out. I came up behind you and noticed that you were breathing rather heavily, rubbing your finger over your left nipple. I moved closer, and you sensed that I was there. You leaned back abit and our bodies touched. I lightly touched the side of your right thigh and you dropped your hand and touch my leg. I lightly touched your ass and your hand inched up my leg. I slowly ran my finger up and down the crack of your ass. You reached for my cock. Finding it, you measured it, squeezed it and beging to massage its head. I unzipped my pants, letting my cock spring out. I slipped my hand around to your front, slippin it under your blouse and cupping your right tip. I began to rotate and squeeze your hard nipple while you pulled on my cock. I dropped to myknees, turned you around and pulling up your dress, began to lick your stomach. You wore no panties and began to move my head around to where you wanted it. You leaned back against the wall and opened your legs while I found your pussy lips and began to stroke and suck them with my tongue, reaching around and holding your ass while I did. You rubbed your pussy in my face as I flicked my tongue on your clit. You began to moan and another man who had been watching us came over and began to first massage your tips, then, pulling your blouse up, began to suck on them. Your pussy was bouncing on my tongue and your ass jumping in my hands. Suddenly you pushed me away, bent over and took the other guy's cock in your mouth. I was surprized, but I looked at you bent over, sucking his cock, sticking your ass out at me. I flipped up your dress, bent over, kissed your ass and gave you I rim job. Then I stepped away, first took a finger and began to slowly put it in your ass. Then, after wetting a finger on my other hand, I slowly inserted it also in your ass. As I moved them in and out, the other guy held your head and began to mouthfuck you. I took my fingers out and looked at the red circle of the round hole between your ass cheeks. I put my cockhead at the lips of your ass hole and, after suppling it with some fluid, shoved my cock into your ass. It was wonderful!!! Tight and warm. You moved your ass back and forth at first, like you were trying to shake it off, then you relaxed and let me come all the way in with my 7" until my balls slapped against your pussy. I'm a slow cummer, so I drilled you awhile, alternating fast and hard and slow and easy, moving with your responses. I held your hips, squeezed your tips and even rubbed your pussy while I fucked your ass. ... The other guy came in your mouth first, and after he pulled out, you just stayed bent over for a couple minutes more, then you reached under and squeezed my balls. And I came. And I came. .. You squeezed me out with a pop and I looked at your beautiful ass hole: round, glowing and blinking at me. I took my hanky and wiped you off, then kissed your ass cheek, patted it gently and with both walked away without looking at each other. I just want to say thank you.

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