More Church Rantings  

rm_rsp54 58F
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2/9/2006 6:02 am

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3/27/2006 8:07 am

More Church Rantings

Sometimes, my husband's church thing gets out of hand. This whole set-up is designed to smoothly rope you in, then isolate you from normalcy. He says that I am just being paranoid, because I don't agree with their teachings, but subconsciously know that they are right.

The people at this church are so fake and superficial. No, I will say that the majority of them are that way. My husband is sincere about his faith, and as a result, these people take major advantage of him.(How Christian of them) They take advantage of him because he can't say no when it comes to the church.

My idea of a supreme being is much different than theirs. Yes, I do believe that there is a supreme guiding force. Is it male? Is it female? Is it alien? I don't know, nor do I really care. I'm not wasting my time studying the bible for hours on end because that is what they say you must do. I really don't think that doing so is going to sway me anyway. These church types, hate people like me, because the formula brainwashing dosen't work.

I guess what bothers me the most is the christian lack of tolerance. In the name of god they show utter disdain for gays. Let's face it, you are, or your not. Christianity has fostered the need for a very large closet. The gay friends that I have are so true and funny and I'd never forsake them. Trying to convert them is ridiculous. You can change habits, but you cannot change sexuality. Oh well, enoug ranting for now. See you all later.

rusohot4 52M
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2/9/2006 6:40 am

If you don't want to go to church because there are a lot of hypocrites, you are right there are a lot of hypocrites. The thing about Christianity is that is forgives you of your hypocrisy and it helps you to tolerate the others hypocrisy. You just have to get past that and you'll do well.

Marrriedahotmail 48M
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2/9/2006 7:25 am

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kiwikid477 61M
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2/28/2006 6:02 pm

RSP, your a smart lady, it shows in your writings, the only advice I would give is to take your time and make up your own mind about religion regardless of the type. If you have an interest and want to make your husband happy then take you time and do some research, you may eventually see it his way. BUT!! Don't be bullied into anything you have to know you own mind. Hey heres a thought Pray about it (please don't think I am being too flippant because I have these same concerns that I ahve had most of my life) I was brought up a Presbyterian but have trouble accepting everything christians are meant to believe. Take your time. Please accept these thoughts as one of trying to help only not of trying to intrude.



WildWilly747 69M

3/13/2006 10:24 am

I realized a long time ago that no one can possibly fathom infinity and eternity, those places where most people feel that "god" exists. Therefore, most will likely waste a LOT of time and energy trying to convince themselves they DO understand and will try very hard to convince you and I of said understanding. Being yourself is probably the greatest praise to a creator you could give...but what do I know?

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