Masturbation Fest  

rm_rsp54 58F
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3/21/2006 5:32 am

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3/29/2006 8:40 am

Masturbation Fest

Yesterday, I was so relieved to have kids back at school and husband back to work. I spent the entire morning masturbating and playing with my nipples.

I had one mind-blowing orgasm that is worth mentioning. I had been masturbating and cumming pretty much all morning. I had just emerged from the bath, where I played with my pussy, and rubbed my nipples, and filled my ass with various implements.It was great. But, I got out and dried off. As I was drying my breasts, I paused to roll my nipples, which got my cunt throbbing, which got me wanting to play with my ass, which got my cunt even more throbbing. I inserted a handcream tube into my ass. It felt so good. I rubbed my clit (always in a clockwise fashion.) I had a constant wave of these sharp little orgasms which lasted about three minutes. It was like the switch was stuck, and I loved it. I stood there, slightly bent over(wishing the tube was something else) My knees were about a shoulder's width apart and they were slightly bent. When the wave started, I started to bounce up and down in a rhythm with the orgasms. It was freakin wild. Hve to see what happens, today!!!

txboynid 62M
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3/21/2006 6:57 am

Wish I could watch you play with yourself. When your orgasms start, I could then replace that handcream tube with my long thick headed cock. Grabbing your nipples and pulling them in rythm with each penetration of your ass.

kiwikid477 61M
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3/22/2006 8:46 am

Young lady, I hope you have the phone number for the fire brigade and that you are not going to be too embarrassed when all those horny bastards arrive to put out your flame. you know you are so hot and christ you get me so hot. Ilove you email and it helps to understand you my friend.
Your mate down under,how I would love to be down under or on top or just giving a helping hand or what ever it was you needed at the time.

rm_JoeyD1214 60M
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3/22/2006 5:01 pm

So fucking hot! Would have loved watching you get yourself off and cumming that way! Then when you were done I would have given you the real thing. My cock in your ass as you move while I rub your clit (clockwise of course) Just hope I could get all the way inside you and feel you cum that way.

Lange733 57M
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3/26/2006 11:50 am

would like to help you with that, rsp54 and rub my cum on your magnificant and very inviting nipples. contact me. lange

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