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5/26/2006 6:38 am

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Last evening, for the first time in a long time, I had a migraine. I'm still a bit off, but a cup of coffee and a migraine relief excedrin help to take the edge off.

I could feel it beginning, about the time I arrived home from the woods with my love. It always starts out with the eye on the affected side, watering. Then a stiffness in my neck follows, along with a ringing in my ears. At this point, I can keep it at bay for a while, if I take some excedrin. I tried several of the prohibitively expensive migraine medications, but none work better for me than excedrin. Nothing, I repeat nothing stops it. I have to suck it up and let it pass.

So here I was pondering what to do with these chicken breasts that I had in the fridge. I was leaning towards chicken parmesan, but decided that was too much work in my diminished state. Decided on chicken tacos...they could assemble them when they wanted them...less involvement for me. I fought it long enough. I had all I could do to get dinner ready. No food for me, no way.

Off to the shelter of my bedroom, where I hid under the comforter, lying on my side with a pillow over the top of my head. The key thing here is that I have to have the television on. It acts as a filter in some strange way. Sometimes I can concentrate enough to get the drift of what is on, sometimes not. I listened to the Colbert Report, and then Cash in the Attic on BBC America. I wanted to rip out my fucking eye. I tried very hard to divert my attention from the pain.

In comes son number one. "What are you doing, Mom?" My one word reply in guttural tones, Migraine. He kisses the top of my head and quickly exits.

A short time later, in comes husband. He turns on the lights. "Whats wrong?", he inquires. Thoughtless him, tells me to turn off the television and go to sleep. I swear, if I had a vase, or a frying pan in my hand at this time, I would have chucked it at him for sure. Let's see, here. We have been married for twenty-three years, during which most of these years I have suffered sporadically, from migraines. I have periods of a few years when they go away, but the vacation always ends. When it gets bad enough, I always deal with it in the same exact manner. Now he is telling me to turn of the fucking television. I can't recall my exact reply, but I do know that he is so fucking clueless of any of my needs, or desires that I kept it short to conserve energy.

Next comes son number two. "Hey Mom, where are those hangers you bought last week at kmart?" I wanted to give a smart response, but got up and grabbed a handful of hangers, handed them to him, turned off the lights and once again retreated under the comforter.

I was just about getting somewhat settled when my husband comes to bed. He asks me if I have flossed my teeth!!!! I can't fucking believe him. I'm lying there in excruciating pain, and he's worried about dental hygiene! I scream, "Turn off the fucking lights!" He starts to lecture me...wah wah wah....

Of course, when the king of the house wants to go to bed, the television must be turned off. So, here I lie, listening to his snoring. I finally cave in and take some hydrocodone. When the alarm sounds at six, I'm in a fog. What a night!

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5/29/2006 11:07 pm

Damn things. My wife gets 'em. I used to get 'em. Don't know why mine stopped. Had them since 17. But there were days when I'd feel that little green monster start in the back of my head, and then the crushing blindness. I'd shut off half a bank of lights in my classroom, then finally end up walking about of class, feeling for a cool wall to lay my head against.

On a break or prep, I'd shut off all the lights and prop my head or neck against something, anything... because the knotting of muscles trying to deal with the pain caused more tension and more pain. And of course somebody would walk in, flip on all the lights and shoot excruicating pain through my head.

This ain't making you feel better, is it. Poop. I better shush again.

A couple of years ago they stopped. You think you can outgrow them? Anyone ever heard of that?


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5/30/2006 9:37 pm

Rsp, I do feel for you, thankfully i have only had about 5 migraines in my life even though i suffer from severe headaches fairly frequently. In my case it is excrutiating pain behind my eyes and then down the back of my neck. I nvariably end up vomittig have on three occaision had a doctor knock we out with an injection. I see in the next post you are feeling somewhat better, I am happy for you. stay well
Your Kiwi mate

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