Love In The Woods (part 1)  

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9/6/2005 5:38 am

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Love In The Woods (part 1)

The day was perfect, not too hot, gentle breeze . We met at our usual designated spot. You see, we are both married, but not to each other. I sometimes hate "love on the fly", but when it is happening, I'm totally captivated by it's intensity.

Some crazy Mingus piece is playing on his cd player. I turn it down, preferring the sound of silence. When we are together I don't like competing with other sounds. I'm afraid that I might miss a sigh or a funny inflection in his speech. I need to store every last bit of him in my reserves of love for less calm moments.

We look like hikers, backpacks and good sturdy shoes; Not that we usually ever encounter other humans. We have been comming to these woods for over six years now. You see, we are on the ten year plan. Only four to go.

What are the sounds of Nature? I'm sure that if asked to a large group of people there would be a wide scale of answers. To me, the answer would be the rustling of leaves underfoot, the tap of woodpeckers, the snorting of mating deer. Or how about the sound that two human creatures make while making love? I'm sure that the woodland creatures find us odd.

Our spot, while well hidden and sheltered, shows signs of much use. The pine needles on the ground have become flattened and worn. There are little indentations in the soil where elbows and knees have been too frequently.

I know that there is magic in these woods. Time seems to stop when we make love here. I now find it a novelty to make love with him in a bed. The big tree on the right is great if you lean up against it. You can get great leverage with the sloping ground, especially if the other person is on their knees. you know how sweet a slap can sound in the wilderness? The response to the slap sounds even better. The echo of a scream is sweet music in the woods. Oh, the sounds of love!

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