Into the Fire  

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7/17/2006 7:56 am

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Into the Fire

Not much time for blogging. Family matters are quite prressing. Just a little glimpse of my past week's activities.

It was a fine summer evening. My daughter and I were returning from the weekly Scrabble death match at my sister's house, some five miles away. The Scrabble gods had not been kind, resulting in a serious case of vowelitis for me. All in all, it was a most enjoyable night. Good food and drink(even able to have two beers as my daughter was the driver. Lots of good natured bantering. I was tired and wanted to go home and catch some quality sleep time.

As we pull up our long driveway, I spot two unfamiliar vehicles. As I get closer, my heartbeat quickens as I realize that they are cop cars!!! What did my son do? This question raced through my mind. With weak knees, I enter the house, to find it empty. Where the heck was everyone, and what was going on?

My daughter and I sat in the kitchen for almost an hour before we knew the story. It seems that my son who was at his friend's house and was to be home by nine,got into a bad situation. A girl that his friend was close to, had stolen whiskey from her house, drank it and had gotten into a major blow-up with her parents. She then called my son's friend and asked for a ride, because she was running away.

Now, I have always told my son that if he or a friend were in trouble, I would come to there aid, if it were a matter of escaping physical harm. I also said that he would not be punished for doing the right thing. But, he didn't heed my advice and thus the trouble.

It seems that his so called friend, dumped my son, his best friend and this girl(who was so drunk that she could hardly walk) off, on a dirt road boardering our woods. My son and his friend decided to stash this girl in the woods. He came up to the house and got her a sleeping bag, bug spray, a flashlight and other supplies, and the left her there.

The girls's father called the cops and told them that she had left in the car of the friend. The cops tracked him down at his house, and he immediately ratted out my son. That is when the cops showed up at our house.

My son and his other friend were scared silly. When they took the cops to the girl, they went through my son's best friend's backpack. In it they found a very small amount of pot. They were lucky, this particular cop is a nice guy. He lectured them for a bit, confiscated it, and let them go.

I, very calmly told my son that I was disappointed with his bad judgement, and that he should have called me. He was silent. His father is now really on the war path. Yes, I do think that he needs to be punished, but if my husband has his way, He'll only be allowed to attend church activities for the next year. We have also confiscated his cell phone, and he's not allowed online. Of course, I am left home most of the time to be the enforcer.

My son and I have talked about this in length, and at least I got him to admit that this other kid is really not a friend. He claims that he is through with him. I hope so!!!

But, the next day, my husband started blaming me for the trouble because I let him go out with that particular friend. I was really pissed.

I told my son, that as long as he learned a lesson, and didn't make a stupid mistake of this nature again, that it was an unfortunate incident, but a lesson well learned. The punishment part, was not negotiable.

How about my pic??? Just thought that it was fitting for the scorching weather. Later!!!!

12pups 54M

7/17/2006 10:29 pm

Wow. Can't really touch that. Not even the sheriff finding us while camping to take my son for interviewing by the FBI, who thought he posted a threat on the Columbine site.

What an ordeal your son and you went through.

(Oh... my last post to your blog. I have enjoyed reading you. You are so real. But I'm leaving AdultFriendFinder now. Wish I could stay, just for this blog alone. Bye. And stay healthy! Enjoy nature with that camera! And... keep posting!)

nighthawk9608 53M
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7/24/2006 9:06 pm

I saw one comment called you Rose, so for now Rose it sounds like you have a full and complicated life. So many facets and it's difficult to really unwind. I like the idea of you and your baby blue baby and your cunt needing some beautiful licking and sucking attention.

nighthawk9608 53M
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7/24/2006 9:10 pm

This is my first time, however it sure seems you have lots of situations to handle and work through with your family. How do you stay so positive? That's a good, but difficult skill to have. Sounds like you need some positive distractions taht will allow you to feel "special".

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