Hunting For Food  

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12/1/2005 5:54 am

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Hunting For Food

The reason I speak of hunting, is becauseI try to understand the logic in hunting, but I guess that it is probably a macho "hunt and destroy" thing that I'm just not fully understanding.
Some say,"Oh, we depend on the meat that we get to feed us during the winter." I would buy this, but hunting is expensive. A rifle, a license, proper attire, and ammo, all add up to a hefty tab. I should post my property in this manner: No Hunting Allowed, If you are hungry, go to house on the hill for food. I'll bet that would go over big.
That brings me to the neighbors. Look a little like Deliverance transplants. But once you get past their appearance, they aint too bad. We once found them poaching on our property; no license or fancy gear. They were out for food. I was cool with it, but asked them to try to let us know if they were planning on randomly shooting in our woods. We;ve gotten along famously since then. It's hard to keep track of who actually lives at their compound. Let's see there is a trailer, an rv, and half of a house(there was a house that burned down, but the portion that was made of concret block remained. They removed the fire debris and moved back in what was left.) Then depending on who does or dosen't make their child support payments there may be one, two , or three brothers there with various partners and or children.They keep chickens and a goat(hmmmm wonder if it's really true..nah, I'll be good and not go there.)Their rooster is constantly getting lost i our woods. It is comical to see them fetching him.

The reason that I mention hunting, is that we are currently in the first week of deer season. This area is a hunter's delight. Traffic increases greatly and the local businesses are booming. Everybody loves hunters! I tolereate, the best I can, and laugh at the premise of hunting for food!

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12/1/2005 6:55 am

I am guilty, I hunt for food for the winter time, and all year around. And yes I handle the raw bloody meat myself. I rather butcher my own deer or whatever the fresh kill of the day is. Have you ever heard of, how they handle meat in a locker plant. Its not a pretty thing. With all the dirty, stuff fallin to the floor, and so on.

So as for me, I rather butcher it myself, I know how its been treated and handled, Damn I have to eat that!!

And for the expense, not really any difference! Then go to the store and buy the winters worth of meat. Its all in how you look at it.

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