Favorite Places  

rm_rsp54 58F
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8/13/2006 6:08 am

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9/6/2006 11:14 am

Favorite Places

This is a pic of one of my all time favorite places on this earth, Acadia National Park, Maine.
In an attempt to spend time with my troubled fifteen year old, we took to the road. Five days in a suv with five adults, or almost adults, is close quarters. We were forced to get along, and surprisingly, there were many fine moments. The hiking was amazing. So amazing that I would love to go back and do more with someone a bit more fit than my husband.

There hasn't been any free time to blog, as I am training for a new job!! I really didn't want to return to my chosen profession(in a medical field) but the opportunity presented itself, for an occasional per diem position. I couldn't pass it up.

so, when things settle down, and the kids go back to school, I'll be back. Until then, I'll stay in touch with my friends! Peace!!!!!

angelofmercy5 58F
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8/13/2006 7:20 am

What a beautiful place! I can almost hear the water sounds.

rm_connor696 60M
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8/14/2006 8:01 am

Good luck with the new gig. A little autonomy can't fail to be a good thing, yes?

rm_hm4100 54M
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8/14/2006 9:02 am

Nice place

rm_paapi36 80M
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8/23/2006 1:18 am

I liked the photo of nipple you have posted.They go in pairs,why have you put one only.Both ould have been fantastic to look at and imagine how it would be in reality and proximity.

Romantic, sexy-love warm hugs, enjoy sex 24/7 one on one, goup fun, watching porn together with joy

rm_dd5550 66M
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8/24/2006 9:24 am

hi i like the veiw too

maybe we could veiw together ????

WildWilly747 69M

8/26/2006 6:44 am

Rose, I've never been to Maine but would surely love to go one day.
Good luck with everything in your life.


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