Deceptive Promotions  

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10/10/2005 6:12 am

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Deceptive Promotions

I pretty much hang here to blog. I don't usually meet people, anymore, except for an occasional woman friend.

A few months ago I was approached by a couple who were looking for a woman to be with the wife, while hubby watched. If she was nice, I could do that, I thought.

I met Sue for coffee, one morning. She was quite attractive. I told her that I did not want sex with her husband. She said that was fine as long as our getting together was watched by him. Since I like to be watched as much as I like to watch, I figured it could work. Sue seemed to be funny, and reasonably smart.

Her husband,John, was older and very fit. He had a seemingly easy going manner. I approved, we were going to go for it.

I'll spare you most of the boring details, but what happened was a fucking disaster. The entire time we were together, John kept commenting on how wonderful Sue was. "Susie has the most beautiful titties. Susie is the best fucker ever.." It did not stop. She was nice, but not that nice. At some point, I told him to keep quiet. He got quite indignant.

Seeing John naked, made me realize why Sue wanted other action. If his penis was 2 inches, he was lucky. But when he told me that he wanted to fuck me, I was pissed. I kept my composure and explained the deal we had initially agreed to. He said that I was stupid to assume that that could ever be the case.

Now, I always try to maintain a positive attitude with people. I don't like to fault them for things that they have no control over. This guy couldn't help that he had a tiny penis. But he didn't have to call me stupid because I didn't want to fuck him. I was outraged at the dishonesty of the whole thing.

But things got worse. He said I was a whore for putting myself in this situation. I guess he figured that if he couldn't have me, that he would put me down as much as he could. SAy What? At this point I felt like smoke was comming out of my nostrils. I was MAD.

I decided that this guy was a true loser and that I was leaving. As I was dressing, he kept verbally harassing me. I had had enough.

All that I said when I was leaving was that I was sorry that dishonesty had to ruin our meeting. He was babbling a string of four letter words. Finally I was pushed over the top. I simply told him that if he thought I would waste my time fucking that tiny thing, he was sadly mistaken.

I smiled, and left with my dignity. But I wonder what would have happened if he had a beautiful, large appendage? I still wouldn't have fucked him, but I bet he wouldn't have been neary as nasty about it. Poor guy, I feel sorry for him.

rm_connor696 60M
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10/10/2005 7:03 pm

And his wife was reasonably smart, funny, and attractive. I guess he must have been rich . . .

digdug41 49M

10/12/2005 9:09 am

well at least it didnt turn violent rose be careful please

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