Cream reunion, and German Chocolate Cake  

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12/6/2005 6:05 am

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Cream reunion, and German Chocolate Cake

Did anyone catch the Cream reunion concert on PBS? Pretty darn good for a bunch of old guys. What totally floored me, was how good Jack Bruce's voice still is. I think he has aged to perfection. And...Ginger Baker, what a pure talent. He takes drums to a rarely attained level of musicality. Clapton was Clapton, lots of talent. Wish I could like him more. The whole thing makes me sad that I wasn't there to see it. Oh, but through the magic of technology, I can experience the whole thing on DVD.Aren't we lucky. It did make me run out and buy the CD, though. Great marketing Tool!!!

For the past two weeks, I have been pretty much following the cup of coffee and a bowl philosophy. Makes me incredibly productive. I need to be. Dinner for a dozen on Saturday. It's my youngest's 15th BD. Think I'll make it a Mexican Fiesta. I want to make it nice. My son has been working so hard, to try to get along. He's just a high maintenance type of kid.

Dinner on Saturday will be perceived as a Christmas event, even though it isn't. I asked my son what kind of birthday cake he wanted. I was half hoping that he would say an icecream cake, so I wouldn't have to bake. But, my kids are spoiled. He chose a German Chocolate Cake. You know, the three layer job with the coconut pecan frosting that takes four egg yolks. The whole projects dirties six bowls. It's almost as good as sex. Slap a dip of French Vanilla Icream on that baby, and you have "Heart Attack Waiting to Happen"

I'm looking forward to entertaining. I'm a great cook. I'm not a fancy cook, but very solid. People rave at my meals. I used to routinely cook an annual Sauerbraten feast for a family member's Birthday. When the person died the dinner stopped, and family members were mad at me. I had to resurrect the meal ritual.

I must go and try to remain productive.later...

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