Control and Desire part1  

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8/2/2005 7:24 am

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Control and Desire part1

I was about 21 or 22, just finding myself and getting a true sense of relationships with others. I met an intruiging man in his early 30's one night while out with friends. He wasn't extrodinarily handsome but there was this unnameable quality about him. We talked for hours, I somehow could sense that his idea of sex was different than most guys I had ever been with. I could just tell, despite the fact that we never actually discussed anything of a sexual nature.

Was it the way he carried himself, that confidant swagger? Was it his inquisitive glances? I just don't know, but to me he seemed sexually smoking. Or was it simply that he didn't come off as an extremely horny 20something male? (No offense to anyone who fits into that category!)

Later that week, he asked me out to dinner. We had a great time. Even though I had sworn to myself that I wouldn't take him home to my apartment, I did.

We wasted no time in making a beeline to the bedroom. But from that point on I experienced a session which I found to be outstanding and scary. No, nothing bad happened but It had such a strong effect on me that I was scared. I felt like an addict. I was so overwhelmed by power of his ways. I had sworn that I would never let a man consciously control me and he had the POWER.

We started out caressing. His hands gently rubbed my shirt. We remained fully clothed at his request. He gently ran his fingers up my bare smooth leg. There was an intense longing for him to touch my breasts and more. Yes, more. I even tried moving his hand further up my skirt.

But he was extremely patient. At some point, we were standing in the corner and he was rubbing up against me. He was rock hard and I wanted him badly.

At that point he pulled the largest thickest cock that I had ever witnessed. I was awestruck. He motioned me to my knees...... more tomorrow

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