Christmas Trees  

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12/6/2005 9:54 am

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Christmas Trees

Me and my little dog just got back from finding a christmas tree. Oh, the joys of country life.

About twenty years ago we started a venture. It was never a serious money making scheme, just something we all wanted to do. We planted about a thousand blue spruces and norway spruces. It was a fun, working weekend, complete with too much to drink and a barbecue spectacular.(although I do remember that a very drunk sentry, minding the pig roasting in the pit, fell in the pit and had to be rolled on the ground to put out burning hair.) This continued as an annual tradition for several years. All totaled, minus the trees lost from drought, we had about four thousand trees. The first trees would be big enough in about seven years, with the later planted trees maturing each subsequent year.

When the trees matured, we put up a sign and sold cut your own for a very good price. It was fun for a while, but then realized that we had other things that we needed to do during the holidays and didn't want to waste all of our free time selling trees. But by that time, people had begun to count on us being there. Yes, we were becomming a time honored institution.

Most of the remaining trees are very large now. A few years ago we signed a contract with a landscaper to buy and remove all of the remaining trees to use in his business. We got our money, but the guy never removed them in the agreed time frame(I'm talking years, here)Legally they are now ours but since he did pay, we are honoring the deal, but this year I do not have to steal one of the trees that I planted with my own hands. But you know, the years where I had to nick em, that was more exciting.

I know that people have artificial trees, and love them. I just couldn't. It's got to be real. I know that they make a mess and are a hassle to get rid of (unless you live in the country; my tree goes out the back door and down the bank in the woods. The birds love it.)but I need my eight foot tree. Now all I need is another able body to help me drag and lift the tree into a truck, and I'm set. Oh yeah, buy the way, I suppose if my husband wants to cut it for me I won't protest. Those little handsaws take forever. later...

WildWilly747 69M

3/15/2006 9:40 pm

Hooray for real Christmas trees!...and the folks who grow 'em.

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