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8/30/2005 4:43 am

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After several weeks of entirely no privacy, I'm finally able to continue my blogging adventure. But, what do I write about? It is curious how being mentally repressed can affect one's psyche. I sure hope that my resumation can better my mood.

All of this leads to an interesting question, actually several. Firstly, How many of you out there can visit this site without being embarrassed with someone? I know that privacy is the only way I'm ever able to do this. I just couldn't imagine my life without censorship. Perhaps, when I grow up, it will happen. I hate being so spineless, but my life is just too complicated. Secondly, if not embarrassed or guilty has anyone out there ever gotten into a major hassle with someone close about their involvement here? I'm really curious.

kiwikid477 61M
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3/2/2006 4:06 pm

Rsp, like you I am in secretive mode and while I love and enjoy my wife on a day to day basis I really yearn to be able to just do what I want where I want and with who I want. I can only come on to this site when I am at home by myself. I don't want to get into the embarrassing situation whre my spouse finds out but I can't help but keep coming back to this site and others like it or of a sexual nature. I keep telling people that I will never grow up just get older, but somewhere down the track maybe I will just do what I want and to hell with the consequences.

I am only just now working my way through your blogs and I love them I know that there is so much more to read of them and I relate to all of those I have read so far. I only started reading them on the 28 of Feb and am working my way through slow time. I hope and I suspect that you will write what you feeel and why. I started on the latest ones first and that brought me to start reading from your earliest ones. Just keep them coming because they keep me cuming and coming back to read more.

rm_tighthole 65M
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3/21/2006 3:19 pm

very secretive, funny when i met her she knew i went to strip bars and adult book stores and had adult information on my computer and was married.
she was sexxy and hot and was up for sex anywhere anytime and anyway, oral anal vaginal while driving in parking lots at employers buildings and motels and hotels and parks and building sites and parking ramps and tool sheds.
shes the first and only woman i ever saw masterbate so i did it with her, she seemed to like it when i shot my cum on her, she was my first woman gulper all was great.
then after several years she started accusing me when my boss took me to strip bars, and accusing me of going to book stores during the week and really freeking out when she found adult pics on my computer, and then no more masterbation or head or playing around anywhere but in the bed, and then even that stopped, its been over 3 years since she has even touched me, she tells me she loves me, she kisses me goodby in the morning, we sleep in the same bed, but NO sex or other physical contact whatsoever.
now i regret i cant get it up anymore because of the medicines i take to stay alive, but im very willing to satisfy her with my hands and mouth, i used to and she said it was fantastic.
i just dont know what to do anymore.

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