The Limitations of My Sex Life & The Story of the Repair Man  

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11/30/2005 9:06 pm

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The Limitations of My Sex Life & The Story of the Repair Man

Having kids doesn't make things very easy... luckily they go to school now... the earlier years of their lives are tricky. I wasn't getting any sex for the longest time... like, NOTHING.

My husband got his latest job and everything changed. He would disappear a lot, business trips and all that, and I spent a lot more time taking care of my kids. I was teaching 3rd graders for a while, after a few years of being a substitute teacher. With my husband's current job, he makes a lot more money and right now, I don't work.

I take care of my kids full time, but like I said, now that they're in elementary school, they can take care of themselves a little more, plus they're gone for a small chunk of the day. That's the time when mommy can have her chance to play.

Of course, I can't have men over when the kids are around, or else there'd be questions and maybe even them telling my husband about men being over (though I'm sure it would be innocent, to them)...

There have only been a handful of occasions when they've been around and I've had to shut myself in the bedroom with a man. That's the thing I liked about the repair man. I call him the repair man, because knowing his name kind of takes away some of the fun!

Right now I live in a condo... it's spacious, it's conveniently located and, though it's only a 2-bedroom (my kids have to share a room), since my husband is rarely home, I find I have plenty of space to myself, which is nice. One day we'll have a big house in the suburbs I'm sure, with plenty of green space and a basement and, well you get the idea...

But even then, will I take advantage of the delivery boy? Or the repair man? Probably. I have to admit, I always wondered 'who actually does that! nobody hooks up with the mail man, the repair guy... whatever, that's something that's in cheesy pornos!'

but this guy... well, he wasn't claiming to fix anything, after the first time =) Here goes my first dirty story... I hope it doesn't sound terribly slutty, I don't fuck every guy that shows up on my doorstep to fix something or deliver me a box, I promise you!

The repair man came over one day in... gosh it must have been in July of last year. We have a balcony, it's not the most spacious one, but sometimes I try to get out and get some sun. So I put a chair out and put on a bikini (it was tasteful!) and sat down in the sun, about 11:30am, the sun was already shining hard. I put on some suntan lotion and attempted to get a little natural tan.

They always say they'll be there between like... 10 and 2, ya know? So you're like oh he'll show up at like 1:55 and wanna fix my stuff. In this case, it was a problem we were having with our internet. My husband had bought a new router just before he left and he got it working and then went on a business trip for a week. Of course, 2 days later it stopped working and... though I'm not the MOST computer illiterate person (at least when it comes to hardware) I just couldn't hook it up. Hubby just said 'call the guy, he'll come and fix it for you' and i'm like yeah well he better.

sorry if some of these details are vague, i wrote some of it in my diary, but didn't really elaborate too much, but i'm trying my best! I'd like to spice it up, but i'm not much of an erotic writer or anything haha... what can I say, I taught elementary schoolers...

Yes, anyway, he showed up and I was in my bikni. I covered up, don't worry... wrapping a bathrobe round me. When I opened the door I remember thinking 'how the hell did I get the one hot repairman in this city!', when most of the time I get some balding hispanic man fixing my stuff?

He was gorgeous. His body wasn't perfect really, but he had some nice muscles going on and had kind of a tall, dark and handsome quality to him. I was horny that day. It didn't help that he was attractive. He kind of loomed over me when he walked in, as if he caught some scent from me, one that said "yes, I really want you to fuck me"

maybe i was giving off that scent, I don't know =) but he went to work and... well that was that. I walked back out onto the balcony to get a little more sun, while he did his thing. The router is in our bedroom, with the whole computer setup thingy... so I didn't think anything of being in my bikini on the balchony off of the living room.

I went to get a drink after a couple minutes. I opened the fridge... hadn't bothered to put my bath robe back on... and i got a drink. I went to walk back outside when he walked in the room. He just kinda stood there looking at me. Didn't take me long to realize that my nipples were hard as rocks from the cold of the fridge... I think it caught him off guard.

He asked me a question and I just kind of stood there with a 'take me now' feeling going through my head. Of course, he just turned around and went back to work. It was then that I was torn between wanting to do something about this and being a good girl, as I'd never hooked up with a random guy like this before, at least not somebody on the job anyway, I'd had one-nighters with guys from bars and the internet, but... well this was definately intruiging.

I was hopeless... like a dog in heat. I just wanted to get fucked reallllly bad. He finished working and he came back out to have me sign something. I froze. I didn't say anything and he just stood there waiting for me to sign. I was like 'OH!' and I signed the form. He packed his stuff up and I kind of stood at the door. He was gonna leave, but... well, I really sealed the deal right at the last moment.

He told me good luck with my router and I asked him if he wanted a drink before he left, I used the lame excuse of 'its hot outside'. He said he didn't really mind, and I really really suprised myself by just saying 'well can you stay?' he didnt know what i meant and it was really awkward. I said, I mean do you have to go anywhere? And he gave me a funny look.

I was in my bath robe, done with tanning. but underneath there was barely anything on me. I took it off and threw it on the couch and he just stood there... I think I was expecting him to carry me into the bedroom or something, but he just looked at my breasts and grinned. I decided I'd get him a drink afterall. Went to the fridge and poured him a glass of water. Then he was behind me. Very close behind me...

He pushed me against the counter and I could feel that he was already getting hard, against my ass cheeks... that was it, I was just... I was defeated, I had no will to do the right thing, and I gave in.

I turned around and smiled. I did my best to act like a sexy little slutty teenager trying to turn on her boyfriend or something, but.. well it felt kind of cheesy.

I directed him to the couch where I pulled off his pants and got him fully erect by stroking his cock. It was big. Very nice surprise! He kissed my neck and I got chills. It was like some fantasy that I'd never realized how hot it could be.

I went down on him for a while. I sucked and sucked and sucked and just enjoyed doing it, bobbing up and down and jerking him off. He just laid back, relaxing. At first it occurred to me that maybe I should just suck him off and let him go. But no... he pulled me onto the couch and pulled off my bikini top. He started playing with my nipples, getting them hard again (i'm getting into writing this now, hehe) and sucked on them, squeezing my breasts. and soon he was feeling up my ass and pulling off my bottoms.

He went down on me. It was great. Just... really nice and relaxing. Not too intense, just really passionate, as if he just wanted me to get rediculously turned on, not to cum right away.

Then it was time. Birth control is a wonderful thing, I've always thought. Until I get my tubes tied, I'll be on it, so I don't need damn condoms ever again. Hate condoms.

I got on the couch on my knees and I rested my elbows on the back of the couch. It seemed like so long before I felt him make contact. I swear to god he grew another couple inches in the time between me getting in position and him putting it in because it stretched me... it was... it was unreal. Easily now it was the biggest cock I'd ever had in me. And he slid it inside me, just... WOW. It went in all the way and I clenched my teeth because I really wasn't warmed up quite yet.

He started to pump... and after just a dozen or pumps it was like somebody started a motor in him and he was fucking me SO goddamn hard, and just... how can guys do it that fast? It was like somebody was sawing through me... it kind of hurt because he was so big, but it didn't take long before I was moaning pretty bad.

Seriously I don't know if that guy was waiting a while to get laid, but he really got me good. He just kept going!! fucking away... pumping really fast. I was beginning to lose control. I asked him to put a finger in my asshole, and he didn't protest at all.

He played around with my ass and then I just... well, I love it in the ass, in case you don't know... LOVE IT. L O V E... even when it hurts, it's amazing. He put it in me. All the way in. And he just... oh god he just ripped me to shreds.

Fucking my ass turns on something in my brain that makes me talk dirty. Works everytime. I don't know what things I told him as he fucked my ass, but he slapped my ass as he did it and I was in heaven.

He slammed his cock all the way into me. Pushed me foward into the couch... amazing. He was on top of me, collapsing as he came. I felt the warm gooey stuff that I love so much filling my ass. Love that feeling. Love cum... I love come SERIOUSLY it's just... i love the taste, i love the gooey texture I love it anywhere on my body, I LOVE IT.

He came and just pushed me down under him. He pulled it out and turned me around. I looked at him like he was gonna cut my head off or something. And then he jammed it down my throat. Now, I can deepthroat, but.. well this was a little too much.

Ask any guy that's been with me, I have a thing for gagging. I mean, I don't really have a gag reflex, so when you're fucking the back of my mouth, I just... I dunno I'm okay with it. And it was like this guy KNEW it, like I had it written on me.

I pulled his cock out and told him to shove it back in. He did. Spit was all over his cock, dripping off... thick spit that only comes from deepthroating a cock like that. He fucked my pussy one more time, came all over my breasts and left me laying there, spent.

It was like a dream... like he just came there and used me like a... i dunno, like a toy. I realized I had cum all over my body. I just smeared it on my skin and layed there in the sunlight.

It was rediculous. He came back a week later. I think all in all he came back six or seven times, until he introduced me to a friend of his, who i gave head to one day, and then I never saw either of them again.

But that first time was fucking amazing. I'd give anything to have something that random happen again...

krayzie2005k 35M

11/30/2005 11:08 pm

If you ever get lonely, I would love to come over and help you out. I love anal sex, it feels so great!! If you ever crabe for somethingin your ass, I want to satisfy your need!

krayzie2005k 35M

11/30/2005 11:09 pm

If you ever get lonely, I would love to come over and help you out. I love anal sex, it feels so great!! If you ever crave for something in your ass, I want to satisfy your need!

sauceforthegoose 58M

12/1/2005 6:02 am

Great, great story. It's the kind of thing they put in Penthouse Forum, except it's not in the least cheesy. Lucky repairman - sounds like initially he didn't know what hit him but adusted well.

Nice work, Roxy - both in doing the deed(s) and in writing. Most impressive.

FP4You 45M

12/1/2005 10:51 am


Sounds like a great adventure. Check out my blog to read my office fantasy, you might like what can happen with me. I plan to email you soon, but if you like my profile/blog then let me know. I can play during the day while the kids are away.


openmindedman4u2 42M

12/1/2005 2:50 pm

Best written story I have written on here. If you have any more good ones send me them.

Boy121975 41M

12/1/2005 3:11 pm

Amazing story! I'd be happy to come over and "fix your router" anytime!!!

rm_romanlover13 48M

12/2/2005 4:08 am

Well, let me know if you ever have any need for carpeting, tile or hardwood floors. Actually, any type of handyman repairs, I will be there for you.

dirtyharry69692 59M
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12/2/2005 6:27 am

Hey Roxie, great story! Makes me long to be a repairman! Would love to spank that ass myself sometime real soon!

Koma39 50M
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12/2/2005 10:12 am

Roxie, what can I say but wow! It sounds like he routed you real good. If you ever want two repair man at the same time to route you at both ends I can arange that for you. I am free during the days sometimes and I would love to just stick my tounge in that sweet ass of yours and listen to you talk dirty. Send me some pictures if you can.

rm_riverman947 53M

12/3/2005 4:03 am

Hey Sexy,damm you write a good story,im all hard and horney rite now,im ganna have a wank thinking about how i would fuck ure arse,i love anal,really nice of you to share with us.ive taken my cock out and and writing one handed as i wank my cock rite now...u have a terrific arse.

rm_wstrnburbman 55M

12/4/2005 5:29 pm

Whoo Roxie!
Need a little help around the house? Can help out when you want!

rm_roofpig2004 43M
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12/6/2005 11:32 am

This is a great story. Very hot. Every man's dream. But I find the events a bit interesting...

Every man wants women that are easy. Easy may not be the right word as it implies negativity. They want someone who is as free with sex as they are. But the thing is when they find this woman, they also find that they don't respect them. And a complete lack of respect is shown here when the repairman showed up with a friend. What a complete jackass. Now any repect he might have had from you is lost. Not to mention the fact that you had a good thing going and he was stupid enough to fuck that up. Men are dumb, don't let anyone tell you different.

gentile_sadico 51M
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1/22/2006 11:24 am

great the gangbang still in the works?

rm_hvacrman 49M
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3/24/2006 2:32 pm

I must say, being in the repair industry and not bad to look at I wish this would happen to me. i think that it culd have a couple of times but i never pursued it because the 1st unmistakable move needs to be made the the women. as for this happening to you again all you have to do is call someone to get something fixed and make that unmistakable 1st move. good luck!

rm_doug_vr 47M
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4/14/2006 1:50 pm

You sound like a very sexy woman with quite the wild side, I love it. Keep up the posts, & if your ever up here in Ottawa...

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