The basic stuff that I have learned on Adult Friend Finder  

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9/7/2006 7:51 pm
The basic stuff that I have learned on Adult Friend Finder

I thought that my observations and experiences might be useful to others and I wonder if others have similar views.

First, you can check out my profile, but to save time, I am a 55 year old single professional man living in the Western Sierra Nevada of California not far from Yosemite National Park. I am looking for a woman or women interested in sex and friendship. So that puts me in the middle of the box with everyone else.

Here is what I have found.

Statistics. In California, there are 59,000 women looking for men. There are over 1.3 million listings. Assuming a discount for women looking for women and men looking for men, the odds are staggeringly against men looking for women. And, I have learned that many women in fact receive hundreds of emails daily from men in pursuit. Not a pretty picture for us guys.

The Women. They seem to come in several categories. There are the kind, sweet women who are not attractive physically, but are no doubt wonderful human beings with many great attributes. There are the average women, who are deluged with emails and winks. And there are the frauds. For example, there is a small farm town near where I live called Del Rey. Just for laughs search for women in Del Rey California. You will find the largest assortment of the most beautiful models in the sexiest, come-hither poses you could ever want to see. The problem is Del Rey is filled with undocumented Hispanic farm workers, not luscious models. These posts are traps to get your email address and swamp you with spam from other sex personal sites. I now understand why AdultFriendFinder is adamant about not sharing email addresses until the second or third go around. Its not just about signing up standard members.

Photos. I can't decide about photos. Every other guy has his hard cock on display. Maybe AdultFriendFinder should require a ruler in the photo to keep truth in advertising. Most women don't seem to care for cocks, but some do. What else is there to show? The quality of photos for both men and women varies hugely too. You would think that some thought could go into composing a photo, even with a web cam. I ended up spending a few bucks for a good webcam and a decent lighting system. (I recommend the Lowell Ego Lamp, designed especially for web camming.

Video intro. Been there done that. I tried something a little luck. I will leave them up, but I am not convinced they get watched.

Initiating contact...I've tried a lot of strategies. Winking never worked. Now I send a short email with a face pick. I used to send my profile, but don't now. I figure if a woman is interested enough she will view my profile. Then, at least, I will know that she did that. For standard members, I ask that they wink back. If that ever happens, I will let you know.

I've sent over 100 emails in 30 days. My response rate hovers at .01 percent, mostly negative (too old, too far away, etc.) with a couple of maybes.

I've concluded a few things. First, this site should be treated as entertainment only, not as a place to get laid. Second, I think (my opinion and conjecture only) that a lot of women post here out of sexual frustration in their current lives, but really have no intention of following up. Third, those that do post nice profiles and photos are like the rest of us fairly narcissistic. Unlikely that they will really want to engage sufficiently to lead to a nice sexual encounter. Fourth, the rest of the women are very nice, but a little desperate for rather obvious reasons.

Well, that's how I see things here after a month. I think I will auto-renew. Its a cheap thrill and who knows, maybe that married babe seeking a discrete affair with a distinguished looking well-bred professional man who is also financially secure and has his own airplane might get interested.

Let me know what you think and let's laugh and learn together.

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