Windows to the Soul, Part 2  

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1/12/2006 9:11 am

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Windows to the Soul, Part 2

Just a quick thought today...

If it stands to reason that partially blocking facial features in photos to hide identity will leave a false impression than what kind of impression will no photo at all give?

At first I would think this would make the person out to be nothing but an object; a sex object in fact. But somehow that doesn't fit. Before you can interpret someone as a sexual object you have to have a least a little bit of something to attach that idea to.

I suppose it negates the whole previous topic all together. In some cases it should probably give off huge warning flags. Someone's on here because they want something but yet you are unwilling to provide that something themselves. It could come down to an issue of privacy but that doesn't quite explain it. I assume that most usually it's an issue of insecurity. It could be that some people want to pass themselves off as something they're not. Have you every noticed how many people on here claim to be attractive and sexy?

My mind's wandering again I guess.

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