There won't be any color  

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12/13/2005 6:40 am

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There won't be any color

I was reminded of this story so I thought I'd share it...

A few years ago I was doing some free work for an online monthly ezine. One day one of the editors told me about a story they were working on and wanted photos for. It don't remember the details of the story but it had something to with women stripping away a man's masculinity. So I pitched the idea of having one of the editors dress in drag and kind of sit in a closet. I told them I wanted to shoot it black and white, 400 speed film pushed to 3200. For those who don't know, pushing film is basically lying to your camera. You tell the camera that the film is a higher speed than what it really is. You shoot the photos as if you're using the higher speed film than when you develop it you tell the photo processor that it was pushed and he'll compensate the developing. The good and bad of this is that it will make your images far more grainy. But for this proposed project I wanted just that. Grainy, distorted images to match the theme. So I pitched the idea and the response I got was "But there won't be any color". I didn't have a response to that. A few days later I was talking to the other editor, the one who was to be dressed in drag. I gave him the same proposition and I swear without any prompting he said "But there won't be any color". To this day I still have no response to this.

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