Look into my eyes  

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1/14/2006 2:43 pm

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Look into my eyes

Listen to this: I’m on my way to work today. I’m standing on the el and I noticed a woman get on. She has a light skin with a pure blond hair. She was wearing a pair of HUGE black framed, dark lens sunglasses.

I found the effect of this quite interesting. Someone will wear dark lens sunglasses because they intentionally want to hide their eyes. That is they don’t want to be known. The sunglasses act as a guard ‒ a barrier ‒ against the outside world. But the big bold sunglass, especially worn by someone with blonde hair, draws our attention. The glasses are magnetic. And size does matter. Next time you’re out in public look around at all the people wearing sunglasses. Notice that you automatically drawn to those people with the larger glasses. The tiny sunglasses that you see, mostly on men, just don’t draw your attention as much.

So it would appear that this woman wanted everyone to look at her. At the same time she doesn’t want to be known. I doubt she bought this particular pair of glasses with that thought but unconsciously I am almost positive that that is the precise motivation.

But I saw another woman who had not only done all this but she was pushing it even further…

The difference between woman #1 and woman #2 was hair color. The second woman to catch my attention was a dark hair brunette. To utilize the same sunglasses as the blond would be useless. The dark frames would blend with her dark hair. But she made a different choice even though her glasses were almost identical to the blondes’. They were roughly the same oversized frames with the same dark lenses. The difference was that the frames were a bright white instead of black. This created a polarized look and had the same impact, if not more.

But the brunette did one thing that the blonde didn’t do. Once she got on the train and sat down, she took the sunglasses off!

While out and about she wears these sunglasses that attract attention but block her off from the world around her. Once she steps onto the train she removes the glasses. Why? Probably because when she’s on the train she doesn’t want the attention. Under that set of circumstances strangers are much more likely to approach her and try to start a conversation. So the more inconspicuous she becomes the safer she is from interaction with others.

This was solidified by her body language. In about 10 minutes time I never saw her look up from her lap. She was deliberately avoiding eye contact with others. Her slouched shoulders and hands in her lap showed that she wanted to, as much as possible, disappear.

So now I’m sitting here thinking about the two women who both would accessorize themselves in a way that would not only draw attention to them but draw attention specifically to their eyes. And yet neither one of them seemed to actually want attention; more likely they didn’t want the attention at all and each in their own way try to avoid it, especially in public.

I doubt much of this is conscious. We all have our little quarks that we do without noticing. We all make choices without any conscientious thought about why we do them or what will be the results of them.

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