Sexiness Aptitude Test ( S A T )  

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6/6/2006 2:55 pm
Sexiness Aptitude Test ( S A T )

Test Preparation: Stand in front of a mirror (preferably a full-length one)and take off your clothes.

1. Take off your clothes (pay attention to how you take them off) Did you slowly slip out of them? Did you unbutton, unzip and undo in a slow sexy manner? Okay, put your clothes back on and NOW take them off the way you would in front of your lover, or the way you'd want your lover to take them off you.

2. About your hair. The way you wear your hair is about 50% of how sexy you are. Seriously! You need good hair, or even if you have no hair, you need to do the right thing with your head. When was the last time you had a professional cut your hair? If you have a person who regularly cuts your hair, are they making you look great? If not, get a new one. A great style will improve your sexiness by about 100%.

3. About your underwear. Your underwear is the next 25%. Sexy people wear sexy underwear or no underwear at all. That's it. Wearing a sexy thong and a hot push-up bra all day makes a woman feel very sexy no matter what she's got on on the outside. Mens underwear is hopeless. Try wearing nothing for fun. Everybody, just go and get some new underwear. You'll have fun shopping

4. Are you fat? Big surprise, everyone thinks they are fat. I think you can be fat and very sexy. I can't stand this skinny stuff. Let go of the idea. Believing you can only be sexy ONCE you're thin is B.S. Either work on being thin or shut up and stay fat and be sexy.

5. Self-Pleasure. You're standing naked in front of a mirror. If you're not touching yourself by now, you're an idiot. Go for it. Go all the way. Get back to me on that.

6. Three parts. Find three sexy parts of you. Your sexy bottom, your sexy eyes, your sexy ankles, etc... Focus on how great and sexy those parts are. DO NOT THINK ABOUT THE OTHER PARTS OF YOU THAT YOU HATE. Everyone has sexy parts of their body and other parts that are not as "inspiring" as the good parts. From now on, whenever you're in a potentially sexy situation -- let those three parts be your focus. Just tell yourself "He's going to love my sexy smile," will go a long way towards feeling hot. Just do it.

7. Take those three Sexy Aspects of you to bed. Whenever you get sexy with someone -- don't take your WHOLE body to the party. Instead,I would like you to just focus on those three sexy parts and trust those three parts. You'll go further and feel better with the confidence...

8. Still there in front of the mirror? Reach up and stretch your body. Doesn't it feel good? Maybe you've forgotten how good your body can feela and I think a lot of us have forgotten we even HAVE a body. DON'T EVER FORGET. Spend some time naked every day stretching and feeling how great your body is. It's great to have a body.

9. When was the last time you had sex? Well ... you should be able to answer that you've had sex within the last month. 30 days. If you haven't, well, that's your homework in the next 30 days. (BTW, see no. 5 above.) That counts too.

10. Lotion or oil. Get some lotion or oil and give your entire body a rubdown before you get back into your clothes. Worried you'll get it on your clothes? Who cares. If you're lucky enough to have someone nearby to give you that massage, time to ask them to do it. Give them a call and try having some fun tonight.

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