The king of Ansteorra  

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8/25/2005 7:55 pm

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The king of Ansteorra

This is the king we tried to protect in all fo the battles at war this last year. WOw, he'd dissapear and someone would say where's his majesty? then we'd all run after him tring to keep up. We must have done a good job because he complimented us in court at the end of the event.

Speaking of which, it was a week long event. We camp out for a week away from as much normal life as we can. We dres up funny, do wierd things and look like we belong in a medival movie. Including blacksmiths and such. Our group in the SCA is called House Falconrose. We have what we call the BFT. Big F*cking Tent. Took an hour just to raise it. Classes and most of the entertainment are free, booze is usually homegrown or seriously mixed. The ladies love dressing skimpy when it's warm, and it's such a private place that people can relax and flirt shamelessly. Things aren't taken as seriously, so I've been felt up a few times and had some really interesting experiences that would get the lady in question in trouble in public anywhere else. Yes, the men act like this too. And nobody really minds, as long as it's all in fun, the kids don't see, and nobody is offended. Needless to say the most extreme flirting is done in a camp.

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