My imaginary friend  

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8/22/2006 11:53 pm
My imaginary friend

I am a 6'2" tall widowed man whose sex life sucks as I am also a little shy. I sometimes dream of my imaginary friend and will tell you about her.

I have met her on AdultFriendFinder and we have decided to get together. We meet and she is gorgeous she is tall with long hair, beautiful blue eyes and the most kissable mouth I have ever seen. Her perky breast seem to strain at the velvet dress she is wearing nicely tuck in at her waist spreading over her lovely hips and down to just above her knees. We hug and I know I am going to have a hard time controlling myself at the restaurant as I feel a familiar sensation between my legs. We manage to get through dinner and chat even though she keeps touching me. I suggest going out for a few drinks but she tells me she has a better idea and why don't we go her place for drinks and i see a little twinkle in her eyes. My heart jumps for joy as I readily agree and can hardly wait for the bill which I paid as soon as i got it remembering the tip. As soon as we leave the restaurant she puts her arms around me and thanks me for a wonderful dinner as she kisses me on the lips. I feel my self getting hard as are lips are locked together. Her hand wanders down and caresses my member and ask we break away from the kiss she whispers in my ear. "you must really like my kisses, when we get to my place we will have to something about that problem you seem to be having". I could not believe what I was hearing!!! I guess there won't be much drinking tonight!!! I don't remember the drive to her place but as soon as we got in the door she kisses me and tells me to wait for a second. When she returns she has shed the dress and her bra and stands there clothed in only the smallest thong. She tells me she likes to be comfortable and then approaches me and as we kiss she removes my clothes. Down to just my shorts she grabs them and whips them off, my member springs to attention. She comments "what a gorgeous cock". I take her in my arms and carry her to her bedroom laying her gently on the bed. We kiss and start to explore each other. My hands caress her gorgeous breasts slowly rolling each lovely nipple between my fingers as they become rock hard. I smother her face with kisses slowly moving to the neck and finally to her breasts. I kiss and lick all over each breast then lick each aureole careful not to touch the nipple, then I take her nipple in my mouth and alternately suck and lick it. She is squirming with pleasure so i keep it up for the longest time as my fingers gently massage her womanhood. I then continue to kiss down her body. I peel her thong off, already moist with her juices and plant a kiss on her most sensitive area and she moans but quickly I move to kiss her inner thighs moving down to her knees and the sensitive area just behind them, licking and kissing slowly moving back up to her wonderful pussy. Her sent fills my nostrils as I slowly lick her labia probing with my tongue. then I gently suck each lip spreading them apart my tongue slip into her vagina try to lick ever drop of her lovely nectar. I hen move to her erect clit, the love pearl protruding from the hood. I tongue around it licking the top and taking in my mouth where my tongue flick over the end as my fingers probe for her g-spot. she is thrashing on the bed moaning in delight begging me to fuck her but I resist want to give her maximum pleasure. I continue until she screams "I'mm cummmming" and I feel her pussy spasm around my finger as i am drenched in her love juices. I try to get all of it licking and slurping. Slowly I work her back up and when she is ready I slip my seven inches in to her as she moans. she tell me "Please fuck me hard. Ooh that prick feels so good inside me, faster harder!!! please oh god please do not stop!! That my friend was the furtherest thing from my mind!! As I continue I feel her start to spasm and drive even harder she screams again "I,m cumming" and right at that moment i explode filling with my hot cum. We take each other in our arms and kiss an hold on to each other like there is no tomorrow, neither one wanting to let the other go. We decide finally to go and have a nice shower together.

It is shame that this is only imaginary but it is nice to dream.

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