Sex and Sensuality, Pt. 2  

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12/5/2005 8:40 pm

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Sex and Sensuality, Pt. 2

Because I don't write about it as much as others do I've the feeling that people may not view me as being a sexual person. Nothing could be further from the truth. Sex is something all creatures engage in...making love is a gift that only humans share and should always cherish.
I wrote part one of this little essay a while back and have included it here in blue text. Part two follows.
I love standing behind a woman, while we're both fully clothed, my arms encircling her waist, holding her against me while my hands move from her taut stomach to her hips, up her sides to her back and shoulders, all the while nuzzling the nape of her neck and her ears, my tongue gently flicking her bare skin. My hands move from her shoulders, slowly sliding down her arms until my fingers find hers and they intertwine. She brings my hands upwards now, to lightly rest upon her breasts. We continue to stand for a few moments, just enjoying the moment and when the time is right she releases my hands so that I can slowly unbutton her dress and bare her shoulders and then her arms... to me, this is one of the sexiest moments of all, that time when the anticipation makes blood boil with the heat of delayed expectations. Her dress continues to slide down to her waist until a quick movement sends it rustling to the floor. Now the curves of her body are revealed to me; her silken flesh bathed in moonlight is exquisitely beautiful and as she turns to face me, to kiss and embrace me, my heart is pounding. Once again, my hands, my fingers trace the outlines of her body, her hips, the curvature of her breasts...

Our hearts are racing now, breath coming faster, faces flush with passion, our kisses longer, deeper, sweeter. She takes my hand, leads me toward her dressing table and then sits on the high-backed, armless chair. I kneel before her, resting my hands lightly on her knees and gaze up to see an angel's face. She smiles with her eyes and I know that she is ready. Slowly, I part her legs and lean forward, my lips brushing the inside of her thigh as my hands caress her delicate skin. I allow myself to move closer, my lips, tongue and teeth teasing her flesh, first left, then right until I am there... my tongue flicks around the outline of her pussy... gentle kisses, playful taunts until I feel her fingers in my hair, pulling my head forward. My fingers move then to gently part those lips and my tongue begins to lightly flick across her clit. After a few moments I feel her moving, thrusting towards me and I know that she wants to feel my lips against her, gently sucking and caressing her with my tongue. She takes my hand, guides it upward, asking without words that I glide one finger into her, to massage and tweak the spot. She then takes my left hand and guides it toward her breast, so that I can gently pinch and pull her nipple. My cock is as rigid as steel now as I continue to kiss, lick and suck her clit, one finger and now two deep inside her as her thighs close against me, her hips thrusting forward, her back arched... we are alive in this moment, every sense flooded, every synapse firing.
Somehow, in the midst of this, her body slows, she hesitates but then takes my wrists and guides my hands away, the takes my face in her hands and pulls me upwards so that I can look into her eyes.
Once again, I see the smile and know that it is time to move on. We stand, embrace, flesh against flesh, trembling with desire, ready for more.

I'll write part three, if anyone is interested in reading it.

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